Camping and Water Activities at Lake Motosu in Yamanashi Prefecture

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Written by YUKA

Summer is the season for outdoor activities!
This year, after visiting Kozushima, I decided to go on a second camping trip.
I decided to go with Lake Motosu in Yamanashi Prefecture for my second trip, which is around a 2-hour drive from the heart of Tokyo.

Visit: July 2018

What is Lake Motosu?

Lake Motosu is one of the Fuji Five Lakes and is located in Yamanashi Prefecture.
Mt. Fuji is a spectacularly beautiful location, and it is depicted on the 1000 yen bill and the former 5000 yen bill.
Lake Motosu is exceptionally clear, and many people visit to go diving and wind-surfing.
It has a depth of up to 122 meters, the deepest of the Fuji Five Lakes.

Koan Camping Grounds

You can get a direct view of Mt. Fuji from Koan Camping Grounds!
It was a bit cloudy on this day of my visit, but I still was able to enjoy the fantastic view of Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji Reflected on the Lake
Mt. Fuji Reflected on the Lake
The Assembled Tent I Brought!
The Assembled Tent I Brought!

Since the camping grounds are open without assigned sections, it felt very accessible. It also makes it easy to set up larger tents.
At just 600 yen per adult, the camping grounds are also relatively cheap.
There are toilets and a communal kitchen available.

They do not provide rentals for camping equipment, so you need to bring your own.
There are also cabins available all seasons except winter (December through March).

Camping (Bring Your Own Tent)

Adults (junior high school and older) 600 yen, elementary school students 300 yen
Tent-Setting Fee
1000 yen per tent per night
Reception Hours
None. Available only day-of at reception. (Cabins can be reserved)

Basic information on Koan Camping Grounds

2926 Nakanokura, Minobu-cho, Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
Approximately 40 minutes by car from the Fujikyuko Line’s “Kawaguchiko Station”
Approximately 40 minutes by car from the JR Minobu Line’s “Kai-Tokiwa Station”

Plenty of Ways to Enjoy the Lake!

You can also rent a variety of equipment to enjoy activities on the lake at Koan Camping Grounds, including canoes, windsurfing boards, standing paddle-surfing boards, rowboats, Canadian canoes, slacklines, mountain bikes, and fishing equipment!
There are almost no other campsites nearby that offer so many activities for visitors!

Incredibly Clear Lake
Incredibly Clear Lake

I played around in the shallows. Since the lake drops off suddenly to great depths, swimming is prohibited.
Even so, the water is so beautiful, wading around is so pleasant!


1-Person Rental: 1 hour 1500 yen / 2-Person Rental: 1 hour 2000 yen

Standing Paddle-Surfboards
1-Hour Rental: 1500 yen

This was my first time using a standing paddle-surfboard. You get on a large board, similar to a surfboard, then move around by paddling. It’s fairly stable, so it’s a fun activity even for watersports beginners!

I cooked rice with the camping cooking kit I brought along.

Fruit Pizza (Before Cooking)
Fruit Pizza (Before Cooking)
The warmth and crackling sounds from the fire were relaxing.
The warmth and crackling sounds from the fire were relaxing.
Starry Skies
Starry Skies
Morning View
Morning View

My trip to Lake Motosu was a fun one surrounded by nature and packed with watersports and fun.
It’s a great chance to put up a tent with friends, cook together, play, see a new side of your companions, and gain a new appreciation for electricity and running water while surrounded by the beauty of nature.
I highly recommend this trip for people who aren’t too used to the great outdoors!



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