“Dancing Squid rice bowl” at seafood restaurant of Hakodate “Tabiji (一花亭たびじ)”.

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(Please note the following article might invlove some “cruel” part)
Hakodate city is a northernmost island of Japan and is a gateway to Hokkaido where is very famous for its seafood dishes. “The Hakodate Morning Market” provides products include various types of fresh seafood and just few steps away from JR Hakodate Station.

What is the most recommended seafood dish here?

Are crabs the most recommended seafood dish?

Seaurchin (uni) or Salmon roe (ikura) ?

Please remember you mustn't miss out the seafood dish of “Squid”! Freshly-caught red squid is representing Hakodate and very popular for locals.

Visitors are able to experience the thrill of squid fishing, and served freshly. When you pull upward the squid successfully, the shopkeeper will take it to the back room proceed washing and ready for serve as sashimi dish.

A restaurant is very famous for its fresh squid rice bowl “Tabiji(一花亭たびじ)” where provides “Dancing Squid rice bowl (1,890 yen)”.

A lot of restaurants in Hakodate provide water tanks in front of their shop with squid swimming to attract tourists. You might see the preparationin some restauratns. We thoughts squid is pure white, but for fresh suqid it usually turns into brownish colour. However, please be careful while eating fresh squid due to it might stuck your tongue.

The rice bowl with fresh squid and salmon roe on top is called “Dancing Squid rice bowl”, in Japanese “Kaisen-done : Odori-don”. There are not fresh squid only, as well as sea bream rice bowl, too. But most visitors feel shock when first time see the “dancing squid rice bowl.”

Please read following article for more information.

Although some people feel the dish is cruelly, but some people feel it really tasty and delicious. We uploaded the video of “dancing squid rice bowl” on “Youtube” 5 years ago, although the popularity has attracted more than 1000,000 watched, but the negative feedback is more than positive due to it might invloved some cruel part. Especially for forign visitors don't like it too much.

The following link is the chef was proceeding the squid preparation, please do not play while eating.


Address:9-20 Wakamatsucho Hakodate, Hokkaido.
Open:【May-October】 5:00~15:00 / 【November-April】 6:00~14:00

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