Would you like handkerchiefs as a souvenir? Wrapping a handkerchief around your neck add a taste to your fashion!

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This article recommends handkerchiefs to those who are carefully choosing souvenirs from their holiday in Japan. It is fun to look for a right one depending on who you give them because its size and design vary, and the prices are reasonable, too. Generally, handkerchiefs are used to wipe sweat off or dry hands. However, it can be used in a various ways especially for females. We now introduce you some effective ways to use handkerchiefs in two articles, which can be attached to a handkerchief of your souvenir to your friend. This is Part One.

This article shows you how to use handkerchief as fashion by wearing it around a neck. Firstly, we need a long handkerchief. The way showed below is called Bias Fold, in which a handkerchief is folded in a certain way to make it into a narrow strip that is easy to wrap around your neck.

First of all, place a handkerchief facing down, and fold one end over diagonally and do the same to the other. To keep the folded shape neat in the end, make the width of the overlapped area be one third of the diagonal of the handkerchief.

Fold both sides over to exactly the middle.

Fold both sides over to exactly the middle.

Make a knot in the middle of the bias folded handkerchief. It might be easy if you imagine to use a rope. Just make a loop, and put one edge of the handkerchief through it. Then simply pull the both end. The knot is supposed to be loose for a completion.

Wrap it around your neck and pull one end through the knot.

Lastly, adjust it to bring the short end through the knot behind.

This is a pretty easy way to do. Please show this article when you give a handkerchief to your friend as a souvenir!