Find the Best Jewelries in one of Japan’s Best Jewelry Town!

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Everyone knows that Akihabara is Japan’s largest “electric town”, but how about the neighboring town called Okachimachi, which has very unique features. Okachimachi is a well-known “jewelry town” that has a concentration of jewelry businesses. Precious gems you find there are better in price, quality and design than anywhere else because the town attracts not only gem experts but also people who are keen to be a smart shopper for valuable jewelries. In other words, Okachimachi is a place where the best quality jewelries are found.

Among the variety of gem stores in Okachimachi, GALA OKACHIMACHI provides the best quality, price and the largest range of jewelries. The parent company of the store is one of the top makers of platinum jewelries in the nation that maintains a wide share in retail stores, department stores and with wholesalers.

With its integrated manufacturing system from product planning to manufacturing and sales, the reliable jewelry maker has succeeded in omitting unnecessary intermediate costs to offer reasonable prices. Also the store accepts UnionPay cards, which is great news for the users!

GALA OKACHIMACHI has a various range of products including very rare large-sized diamonds that are bigger than one carat, color stones, pearls, etc. All their quality-guaranteed products are manufactured at its own factory in Japan. Moreover, their complete service responds to requests for remaking and custom-made jewelries. If you are planning to buy jewelries, why not visiting GALA OKACHIMACHI, which is located only one minute's walk from the JR Okachimachi Station.


Address:GOSHO Headquarters Building, 5-21-14, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Open:11:00-19:00 (Mon–Thurs) / 11:00-18:00 (Fri & the day before holiday) / 10:30-19:00 (Sat, Sun & holidays)