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“I want to put on fashion items that are popular in Tokyo while in Tokyo!” If you are one of those people feeling this way, head to NAVAL. NAVAL offers trendy casual fashion items as well as carefree shopping experiences. Here, you will find a wide selection of trendy fashion items for affordable prices. All of their items are of American style with a touch of modern Tokyo trends. Their shops are located in some of the “hot areas” in Tokyo, so visit the shops and explore the areas at the same time!

■【NAVAL】DiverCity Tokyo Plaza(TAX FREE)

Offering fashion items that are casual and yet noticeably trendy at the same time with a concept of “American casual” at the bottom. Examples of this style are products featuring “DUCK-DUDE”, a wildly popular mascot character in Tokyo right now.

▼【NAVAL】DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Recommended item!

【NAVAL】DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
Address:5F DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, 1-1-10 Aomi, Koto-ku Tokyo
Accepted credit cards:American Express / Diners / JCB / MasterCard / Visa / UnionPay


Offering exclusive latest outfits and fashion accessories mainly from the NAVAL original brand as well as BEN DAVIS. The shop is popular for its selection of the latest TOKYO hip items.

▼【NAVAL】LUMINE EST Shinjuku Recommended item!

Address:5F Lumine EST Shinjuku, 3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Accepted credit cards:American Express / Diners / JCB / MasterCard / Visa / UnionPay

■【NAVAL】Harajuku (TAX FREE)

Offering select TOKYO fashion items that are in-fashion right now. Popular products at this shop include items from the brands such as BEN DAVIS and CHAMPION.

▼【NAVAL】Harajuku Recommended item!

Address:4-31-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Accepted credit cards:American Express / Diners / JCB / MasterCard / Visa / UnionPay

If you show this article at a NAVAL store casher register, you will get 8% off of your purchase! That means that you can get already reasonable items at even more reasonable prices, so why not coordinate your whole outfits? The coupon can be used at any NAVAL shops. (offer expires July 10, 2016)

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