We recommend MARBLE DANISH as a quintessential Kyoto gift

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In this article we would like to tell you about a product we recommend for those who want to buy a Kyoto gift for back home that's just a little bit different. It's a MARBLE DANISH from GRAND MARBLE, which specializes in Kyoto danishes.

The MARBLE DANISH is a danish from GRAND MARBLE. It is made in a Kyoto bakery by a pastry chef who combines three kinds of dough to handcraft each pastry individually sparing no time or trouble. Of course the ingredients are carefully selected. GRAND MARBLE's most famous product is MARBLE DANISH Kyoto Sanshoku. It is a danish that combines plain, sweet-and-sour strawberries with a dough made with the powdered green tea of a famous green tea store Gion Tsujiri, and it is good heated and eaten as is. It has an exquisite, fluffy texture brought about by the use of many layers of dough.

You should also check out MARBLE crunch Yui Yui, which can only be purchased at the GRAND MARBLE Gion location. A chocolate sweet made of MARBLE DANISH in a crunchy state, its crunchy texture and rich taste are a pleasure. The mini size comes eight to a bag and the regular size eight to a box. The flavors are chocolate, white chocolate and matcha (green tea). It is perfect as a Kyoto gift for friends back home.

At GRAND MARBLE Gion, miscellaneous original Japanese goods are also on sale. The series is called "Gion-shunju." It includes "ippitsusen," writing paper with designs of maiko-san, paper fans or cherry blossoms; "kyofusen," sticky notes with cute pictures of paper lanterns, fans or the Gion Festival; and "Gion stickers," stickers with various patterns on them full of Kyoto themes. We expect your friends will be delighted by their Japanese appearance.

"GRAND MARBLE Gion" is easy to get to, located not far from Shijo-ohashi Bridge on the Kamogawa River. It is easy to stop by during breaks sightseeing, so be sure to go there to find good souvenirs and gifts.


Address:2F, 570-238 Gionmachi-minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City
Closed:Open 365 days
Accepted credit cards:American Express/Diners/JCB/Master/Visa/UnionPay
*JACCS cards which don’t have cashing functions are not accepted.