Look no farther than Matsumoto Kiyoshi for Japan’s most popular cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and snacks! Here are some of our favourite products!

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Whether you’re itching to check out the latest products, or have some everyday items to purchase, Japanese drugstores are extremely convenient. You’ll find a wide variety of products from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, to sweets and other useful items. This time, we're excited to introduce some of the wonderful products from the popular drugstore: Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

Let’s start off with a selection of products from Matsumoto Kiyoshi’s self-launched private brand. Both high-quality and affordable, you’ll definitely want to take a look next time you visit.


The first authentic organic cosmetics line launched by a drugstore. Carefully selected ingredients are procured from around the world, in order to manufacture top-grade products within Japan. They're not only gentle on the skin, but environmentally friendly too.

Price:1,500 yen(excl. tax)/220g

Price:[Bottle]1,505 yen(excl. tax)/550ml
[Refill] 1,029 yen(excl. tax)/400ml

Price:[Bottle]1,505 yen(excl. tax)/550ml
[Refill] 1,029 yen(excl. tax)/400ml

INSTREAM Night Shield Gel

This gel effectively acts as a facial mask, bringing resilience and an ample amount of moisture to your skin by optimizing your skin’s repair process while you sleep.

【INSTREAM Night Shield Gel】
Price:4,000 yen(excl. tax)/40g


This anti-aging skin care brand offers a complete lineup of products including cleansers, lotions, emulsions, beauty serums, and facial masks.

Price:3,700 yen(excl. tax)/160ml

Daily Beauty Routine Collagen

Powder type collagen that dissolves remarkably quickly to enable easy intake. Uses safe and secure collagen from pigs raised in Japan.

【Daily Beauty Routine Collagen】
Price:1,219 yen(excl. tax)/198g

In addition, here are some of our other recommended products. From the categories of cosmetics, supplements, and pharmaceuticals, we have four more great products for you to check out!

Clear Turn White Mask VC

A facial sheet mask full of moisturizing serum that adheres well to the face. Prevents spots and freckles caused by the sun while fostering brighter skin.

【Clear Turn White Mask VC】
Price:465 yen(excl. tax)/5 masks


Sweat and water resistant, this item both creates and maintains beautiful double eyelids. Featuring superior adhesive power, it will last until you decide to wash it off.

Price:1,200 yen(excl. tax)

Dear-Natura Gold Licorice Glavonoid

This supplement is recommended for those concerned with their level of body fat and for those on the overweight side. It will help suppress body fat accumulation.

【Dear-Natura Gold Licorice Glavonoid】
Price:1,800 yen(excl. tax)/30-day supply


For stiff shoulders, back pain, and joint pain. The rounded corners prevent peeling, and the beige colour makes them nearly unnoticeable.

Price:860 yen(excl. tax)/80 patches

Matsumoto Kiyoshi is proud to offer free Wi-Fi within all of their stores. Tap “Accept” after connecting to Matsukiyo_Free_Wi-Fi to enjoy free Internet access while you shop. Also, don't forget to present the coupons below at the checkout to receive a discount on your total purchase amount.

Make a purchase of between 10,000 yen and 29,999 yen in in-store products and receive 3% off in-store products. Make a purchase of 30,000 yen or more in in-store products and receive 5% off in-store products.

【Valid until】 Until the end of April 2016
*This offer does not apply to counseling cosmetics, cigarettes, magazines, baby diapers, baby food, and some other excluded items.
*Cannot be combined with other discount offers.
*This coupon must be presented to the cashier prior to checking out.
*This offer cannot be used in Okinawa and some other stores.
*Please note that medicines that require a pharmacist’s intervention and first-class OTC drugs cannot be sold if a pharmacist is not present.