【Saitama・Satte City】 Day trip at Gongendo Park to see 1,000 cherry trees and rape flowers.

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It takes about 50 minute from Tokyo・Asakusa by Tobu Skytree Line. It has been 3 years where I always wanted to go, and finally I have this opportunity to visit in a weekday.

Here we are!!!!!!!Although there were some clouds in the sky, but the weather and atmosphere were full of spring and excitement.

This lovely dog was staring at me・・・。

Visitors are able to take photos of cherry blossoms closely or picnic under the trees.

That is Sotono-bridge (そとのばし)which is a bridge connects rape flower field, Gongendo Park and Miyuki Lake.

The goats here seems very popular for children. I wondering whether goats are also enjoyed the beautiful flowers.

The beautiful cherry blossom reflection on the surface of the pond.

And it got to the end of the road, people can enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms in full bloom closely.

It's about 1km from the bus station to Gongendo. This time we will walk back to the bus station by go through the cherry blossom tunnel.

On the way back, you will see “Satte City community center” and many stalls appear offering local delicacies.

There was a small shrine “Seihodou” on the way back to the station.

The hillside next to Seihodou is a flower fiend with full of little white flowers. I believe they kind of flower similar to Garlic chives.

Additionally, they also similar to “Leucojum aestivum” and look like many little and shy faces.

The Gongendo Park hold many events through the year associated with the flowering season. Not of cherry blossoms only, there are also Hydrangea from mid June to early July. Especially the white “Annabelle hydrangeas”.

Furthermore, there are mass of vivid red blooms of Higanbana in Autumn.

Here is definitely a recommended cherry blossom spot due to the easy accessment.It only takes Tobu Skytree Line from Satte Station to Asakusa Station without any change, and also able to enjoy the scenery near “Tokyo Skytree”. Please come and try.

★Access point:Go there by bus, and return by walk

1. Visitors need to queue up for 20 minutes before departure at the bus station for bus service from station to Gongendo Park.
You might need to wait for the next bus if current bus is full.

2.Bus service from Satte Station is onc bus per hour (Asahi Bus).
Please check the bus schedule in advance. It charges about 1,000 yen by taxi. We suggest you to use taxi if you are travelling with other three friends. The bus ticket is 180yen per person for single ride and takes about 20 minutes.
※Please prepare some changes for bus service.

3. Go there by bus, and return by walk is strongly recommended.
Based on personal experience, I gave up to take the bus due to large amount of visitors even I arrived at bus station 10-minutes early. It usually attracts very large number of domestic and International visitors during flower season, and also occurs large traffic jam.
In order to avoid visitors I walked back to station and took about 30~40 minutes. Espeically in the weekend and public holidays, walking back to station is highly recommended. Although I came here in the morning week day without any traffic jam issue, but I still capable to reach the station by feet.

Please see below MAP for reference.

A:Circle K Sunkus(convenience store)
B:Tochigi Bank
C:Saitama Risona Bank
D:Saizeriya(family-style Italian restaurant)
E:Steak House Don
F:Kumano Shrine
G:Satte City community center
I:Katsu Tairo(Tomkatsu restaurant)

1:Satte Station crossroad
2:Arajuku crossroad
3:Kita Ni-chome crossroad
4:Kita san-chome crossroad

A: Satte Station→Gongendo 「Gokamachi yakuba」
B: Gongendo→Satte Station
05: Week day  40: Weekend・Holiday

※Asahi bus schedule by Mar. 30, 2015
Date:2015, April 2, 10:00-13:00

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