Fall foliage in Angyo (Kawaguchi City, Saitama)! “Kouzenin” and “Kobayashi Momiji-en”.

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Especially in the article, I am going to write about highly recommended fall foliage spots in the area, “Angyo”. Angyo is an area touching Tokyo, and it is famous as a “town of garden planting”. With the hitory of 400 years, it is considered to be one of the “Japan’s top 3 garden planting industry” areas.

#1 Kouzenin

The temple was founded way back in 1546 and it belongs to Sotosyu sect With the large maple tree and tunnels made with brightly colored trees, the place offers such elegant atomoshere. Isn’t it something!?

Go though the gate and look back the you came. The view form here is also beautiful…... No, this is not Kyoto.

There is no admission fee and the temple is visited by many locals as there is a graveyard in the site.


401 AngyoRyoke, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture

#2 Kobayashi Momiji-en (Maple tree garden)

Near Kozenin (actually, right in front if it), there is a place you can enjoy taking a look at “maple trees from around the world” run by a professional “maple tree tradesman”. There are about 400 kinds of maple trees in the site and you can purchase them as well.

There is no admission fee.

From the road where local buses are running, get in to the entrance of the garden. Go further and then look back……

Your world will be surrounded by red and yellow!
Let me repeat, this is not Kyoto, but Kawaguchi (lol).

Kobayashi Momiji-en (Maple tree garden)

325 AngyoRyoke, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture

#3 Saitama Hanato Midorino Shinko Center

A prefectural botanical garden with more than 2,000 plants. Beautiful plum flowers in the spring and magnificent fall foliage of mountain maple and Japanese maple in the fall can be enjoyed. Another place with free admission!

The garden is separated into 2 different parts with a road for local buses in between. While in the opposite site….

I noticed that there was sweet and lovely smell in the air, and found really cute winter sweet flowers.

The pedals look as if they were transparent made by candles. They are also known for fine fragrance.

Saitama Hanato Midorino Shinko Center

1015 Angyo, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture

The peak season for the fall foliage in this area is around late November to early December. Although I do recommended these spots, if this is your first trip to Japan, you may want to go visit more famous foliage spots. I would say there are places for those who have traveled to Japan more than 3 times. So if you are one of “repeaters”, please come visit my home town, Kawaguchi City!

Ok, so here is hot to get the places listed above. Please take a look at the information below and it will take you to the “super deep” places that I love. The closest but stop is “Hanato Midorino Shinko Center”. Also, it is about 15 minutes’ walk from Totsuka Angyo station on Saitama Railway Line.

Access MAP

Access MAP

Kokusai Kogyo Bus Timetable

Kokusai Kogyo Bus Timetable
  • A:Get on “Higashi Kawaguchi Station” bus from the Nishi Kawaguchi Station East Exit # 3 bus stop → Get off at “Hanato Midorino Shinko Center” (about 30 minutes, ¥270)
  • B:Start from “Hanato Midorino Shinko Center” bus stop → “Higashi Kawaguchi station” via Totsuka Angyo (3 minutes ¥200)
  • C:Get on “Nishi Kawaguchi station” bus from Totsuka Angyo station #1 bus stop → “Hanato Midorino Shinko Center” (3 minutes, ¥200) ※An underground station and there is only one ticket gate. Get outside from “#3 Exit”, and you will see a rotary. Stand with the station behind you and you will see the bus stop on your right.
  • D: Start from “Hanato Midorino Shinko Center” bus stop → “Nishi Kawaguchi Station” (about 30 minutes, ¥270)

Photos taken:December 6th, 2015