「GRAND MARBLE Gion」, a delicious and popular danish from Kyoto

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We have showcased Kyoto`s marble danish specialty shop 「GRAND MARBLE」 before. 「GRAND MARBLE Gion」 is located on the nostalgic Hanami-Koji street. Tourists and locals alike frequent the shop. They enjoy the traditional Japanese setting while eating a delicious marble danish.

「The marble danish is an original danish created by GRAND MARBLE. Unlike a loaf of bread the marble danish is not made by a machine. Each one is individually hand made by a pastry chef. It takes time and care to make each one. That`s why the danish has a exquisite fluffy texture which is a result of many layers of dough. 「Marble danish KYOTO THREE COLOURS」 is their signature product. It combines three flavours of dough. Plain, sweet and sour strawberry, and green tea (matcha). Needless to say it tastes great but the combination of the three colours makes it appealing to the eyes as well.

Many people come to get the marble danish at 「GRAND MARBLE Gion」. It`s a duty free shop so tourists can feel at ease. They also offer limited edition items only sold at the Gion location. One is the  chocolate confection,「Marble crunch Yui Yui」. You can enjoy a crunchy texture with a rich flavour. Other limited edition items include Japanese miscellaneous goods from the 「Gion-shunju」 series. They are well known by locals and many people come specifically to buy them.

There are many Japanese miscellaneous goods from the 「Gion-shunju」 series. They make perfect Japanese souvenirs. It includes "ippitsusen," writing paper with designs of maiko-san, paper fans or cherry blossoms; "kyofusen," sticky notes with cute pictures of paper lanterns, fans or the Gion Festival; and "Gion stickers," stickers with various patterns on them full of Kyoto themes. We expect your friends will be delighted by their Japanese appearance.

The second floor has a duty free area with a designated space for taking photos. Many tourists create fond memories of Kyoto by stopping to take photos in this traditional Japanese tea house setting. Why not stop by and see why it`s so popular for yourself?


Address:2F, 570-238 Gionmachi-minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City
Closed: Open 365 days
Accepted credit cards:American Express/Diners/JCB/Master/Visa/ UnionPay *JACCS cards which don’t have cashing functions are not accepted.