If you want to buy men’s fashion in Shibuya, go to the LUMINE MAN SHIBUYA store!April Vol.

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Lumine is a commercial facility brand representative of Japan, which is a trend setter for young fashion. Amongst these facilities, LUMINE MAN SHIBUYA store is the first of Lumine’s specialist stores for men’s fashion. It is a retail facility which assembles shops where you can choose clothes, fashion accessories and gifts catering for various scenes with the focus on “Designed in Japan” and “Made in Japan”.

Please also make use of the tax exemption procedure available at each store.

▼Note the purchasing benefit!
Customers with a purchase of at least ¥10,000 get a traditional Japanese figure as a gift. You will be given a special coin at the shop, which you can use for the Gachapon at the entrance of LUMINE MAN SHIBUYA. How exciting to see what comes out!

【Introduction of 3 selected shops】

The store has selected watches that are from a classic model to a sport type for male customers. It has the largest range of watches of ISSEY MIYAKE series in Tokyo metropolitan.

Lineup of both functional and stylish bags. This is a concept store of the brand “master-piece”, which has earned a reputation for items which are easy to combine.

The JINS PC model is a hit!! These glasses effectively cut blue light ( the wavelength of light emitted by a PC or Smart phone which is hard on our eyes). You can choose from many styles . From classic frames to the latest trendy frames. They offer glasses as eyesight correction tools as well as glasses for fashion only. All available at JINS locations.


Address:1-22-11, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open:Shops 11:00-21:00, Restaurants 11:00-24:00