Michelin-Quality Ramen in Tokyo: “Konjiki Hototogisu”

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Written by  Sato

I visited “Konjiki Hototogisu,” a ramen shop famous for its shellfish broth made with clams.
Their clam ramen has received praise not only from ramen fans, but also from chefs of famous restaurants around the world. This time, I’d like to introduce to you the strong appeal of this restaurant.
This restaurant has been featured in Michelin Guide Tokyo’s Bib Gourmand section for three consecutive years.

※Bib Gourmand restaurants do not earn Michelin Stars, but they are notable restaurants that offer exceptional food at moderate prices.

Location of “Konjiki Hototogisu”

Konjiki Hototogisu is located about 4 minutes on foot from the Keio New Line’s Hatagaya Station in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Continue down Rokugo Dori’s shopping district, and “Konjiki Hototogisu” will be just inside a narrow alley on your left.
It doesn’t stand out much, and there aren’t any large signs outside.

Outside of the Restaurant
Outside of the Restaurant


The shop’s inside has just 8 seats at the counter. As the kitchen is right in front of you, you can watch the careful work that goes into making the food.

The ticket-vending machine is just inside of the shop, and this is how you purchase your meal ticket. This restaurant refers to ramen as “soba.”
The main menu consists of shoyu soba (850 yen), shio soba (850 yen), and tsukesoba (900 yen).

Ticket-Vending Machine
Ticket-Vending Machine

There are many toppings available that suit each type of soba, such as roasted nori for the shoyu soba or nanko-ume (a type of Japanese plum) for the shio soba.

Full-Bodied Clam, Truffle, and Porcini Mushroom Soup

This time, I decided to order simple shoyu soba.
Topping the clear broth are hosaki-menma, two types of green onion, chashu, and ramen noodles that have been treated with house-made black truffle sauce and porcini mushroom oil!

It looks amazing and the ingredients have a wonderful fragrance to them. Before you even taste it, it already surpasses what you imagine ramen to be!

Shoyu Soba (850 yen)
Shoyu Soba (850 yen)

Double soup

The broth is a double soup, made by blending a meat-based Japanese dashi with clam broth.

With just one sip, you can clearly taste the clam broth. The fragrance of truffles tops off the high-quality soup that envelops your taste buds.
When the porcini mushroom flakes dissolve into the broth, the rich aroma and umami of porcini blends in with the flavors, changing it from a Japanese-style soup to a more western-style soup!

Double soup
Double soup

With each bite, I’m overcome with emotion…!

Double soup
Double soup

Porcini mushrooms are known as “yamatoridake” in Japanese. Konjiki Hototogisu uses the highest quality porcini mushrooms from France.

Medium-thin straight noodles

The noodles are medium-thin straight noodles made with whole wheat flour. They are soft, but at the center they have a bit of firm texture left in the center, which makes for an excellent finish. The porcini mushroom oil clings to the noodles, and the noodles themselves make it easy to taste the flavors of the soup.

the noodles  made with whole wheat flour
the noodles made with whole wheat flour

Slightly Rare Chashu

The chashu is slightly rare roasted pork shoulder. It is sliced somewhat thick, and it has a bit of chew to it. There is a gentle but meaty texture to it, and the chashu’s umami spreads throughout your mouth each time you chew.

Slightly Rare Chashu
Slightly Rare Chashu

The texture of the hosaki-menma and fragrance of the green onions on top make the shoyu soba even more appealing!

Does the Day to Win a Michelin Star Draw Near?!

Blending a refined clam broth with black truffle sauce and porcini mushroom oil has surpassed the standard set for ramen in Japan.
It is so delicious that it feels like an incredible shame to leave even a single drop behind. Before I realized, I’d already drank it all up.

I’d already drank it all up
I’d already drank it all up

“Full-bodied” truly is a perfect way to describe Konjiki Hototogisu’s shoyu soba. The day that they receive a Michelin Star may not be that far off.

Basic information on “Konjiki Hototogisu”

2-47-12 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
4 minutes on foot from the Keio New Line’s Hatagaya Station
Business Hours
11:30-15:00, 18:30-22:00
Thursdays, Fridays