Strange fun at the 「Tokyo trick art museum」 in Odaiba! The artwork is constantly being updated!

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Odaiba offers all sorts of entertainment for adult and child visitors alike. There are high end restaurants, science museums, and shopping complexes such as DiverCity Tokyo and VenusFort. Are you planning a trip to Odaiba soon? Why not check out the Tokyo trick art museum when you`re there? 「Edo era」 is the theme of the museum. 「Edo era」 was the time when Samurai and Ninja were in Japan. 「Tokyo trick art museum」 is the world`s first Edo era themed trick art museum.

Trick art is a kind of art which uses optical illusions to create different prospectives or impressions. You can experience surreal worlds through the art pieces. Sometimes you can see different images when you change viewing angles.
At Tokyo trick art museum there are 4 various areas you can enjoy the trick art. There is the 「Edo area」 near the entrance, 「a haunted mansion with funny Japanese monsters」, 「the trick art gallery area」 and the 「puzzle area」.

Some pieces are a little scary. Just look at this one below!

Classic art and cute animals are also subjects for some pieces.

New trick art pieces are always being added. The Racoon hair salon and Woman pouring milk are popular recent releases.

The trick art is created by a company called SD Corporation.
They run the Tokyo trick art museum. An interesting fact, the trick art boom seen around the world started in Japan.

This museum is located on the 4th floor of the Decks Tokyo Beach Island mall. On the 3rd floor of the same building, a big electronic appliance store called 「Laox Decks Tokyo Beach Odaiba 」opened in May 2016. Not only do they have a wide variety of high quality appliances that are made in Japan, they also offer areas where you can enjoy Japanese tradition and culture. After visiting the 「Tokyo trick art museum」, why not come down to the 3rd floor and enjoy some shopping as well!

【Tokyo Trick Art Museum】

Address:Decks Tokyo Beach Island mall 4F 1-6-1, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours:11:00-21:00(The last admission 20:30)
Admission Fee:Adult (ages 15 and older) ¥900, Child (4-14 years old) ¥600

* TrickArt is a trademark of SD Corporation.