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In Tokyo, on top of trains, buses are another mean of useful transportation. Among some lines, Toei bus is especially convenient if you are going to visit tourist spots in the metropolitan area. There are various routes available for Tokyo travelers on the line. In this article, we will introduce you a trip you can make to explore the “down town” area of the city. The starting point of the trip will be “Tokyo Sky Tree”, one of the most notable tourist spots in Tokyo.

Tokyo Sky Tree

#1 Bus Stop: Entrance to Tokyo Sky Tree station

First of all, let’s spend some good time at Tokyo Sky Tree, a freestanding transmission tower. This is actually the tallest building in Japan with the height of 634m. If you go up to the observation deck at the height of 350m, you can enjoy spectacular view of the city all around you. Or, go up to the popular Tembo Gallery where some parts of the ramp are glass-walled and experience what it’s like to walk in the sky.

Tokyo Sky Tree
Tokyo Sky Tree

#2 Bus Stop: Kinshi-cho station area (North Exit)

Take a bus for 12 minutes, get off at Kinshi-cho Station bus stop and head to “Dagashi & Okashino Mise EWATARI (cheap candy and sweets shop)”. This is a shop that carries varieties of cheap candies starting from ¥10 a piece. On the first floor, you can purchase single sold candies, and on the second floor, you can find boxed sets. Being surrounded by a wide selection of Japanese candies we bet you will have fun choosing which ones to buy.

Dagashi & Okashino Mise EWATARI (cheap candy and sweets shop)
Dagashi & Okashino Mise EWATARI (cheap candy and sweets shop)

[Dagashi to Okashino Mise EWATARI]

Overview of Dagashi to Okashino Mise EWATARI

3-4-12 Kinshi Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours
10:00 - 20:00
During Obon festival and New Year’s

#3 Bus Stop: Kinshi-cho Station area (South Exit)

Walk for 3 minutes from the North exit to the South exit, and you will see “Famous Ningyoyaki Yamadaya Head Store”. Ningyo-yaki, which is one of well-known products of downtown shitamachi, is a type of Japanese confectionary with anko (beans paste) in a sponge cake. At Yamadaya, every morning, they are baked by craftsmen using exclusively high-quality eggs and honey. With strained sweet red beans, not overly sweet, they are simply delicious.

Meibutsu Ningyo-yaki Yamadaya Honten
Famous Ningyoyaki Yamadaya Head Store

#4 Bus Stop: Kitasuna 2 cho-me

Stay on a bus for 13 minutes and you will arrive at Kitasuna 2 cho-me where Sunamachi Ginza Shopping District is. This is a very popular site among tourists. On the narrow 670m street that stretches from East to the West, there are approximately 180 shops in business. It will be fun to just be in the lively atmosphere, but it will be more fun if you stroll down the street with some delis you got in shops.

Sunamachi Ginza Shopping District
Sunamachi Ginza Shopping District

#5 Bus Stop: Tomioka 1 cho-me

After enjoying the shopping district, get on a bus for another 15 minutes. Get off at Tomioka 1 cho-me and walk for 2 minutes. There you will find “Tomioka Hachiman-gu Shrine”. Founded in 1627, the shrine has been frequently visited by towners since the Edo period (1603-1867). Besides festivals held every month on the 1st, 15th and 28th, there is “Fukagawa Yahata Festival” held every August. The summer festival is considered as one of 3 Edo Festivals.

Tomioka Hachiman-gu Shrine

#6 Bus Stop: Monzen Nakamachi

Get on a bus for 3 minutes and you will arrive at the last destination, Monzen Nakamachi. Walk for another 4 minutes from the stop and you will arrive at “Ninjo Fukagawa Gorieki Dori (street)”. On the 150m road that leads to Fukagawa Fudodo, there are varieties of shops located including Japanese sweet shop with a history of 100 years and standing bars. Every month on the 1st, 15th and 28th, a festival is held and the area gets crowded with locals.

Ninjo Fukagawa Gorieki Dori (street)
Ninjo Fukagawa Gorieki Dori (street)

[Ninjo Fukagawa Gorieki Dori (street)]

Overview of Ninjo Fukagawa Gorieki Dori (street)

In the area of Tomioka 1, Koto-ku, Tokyo

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Toei One-day Pass
Toei One-day Pass

Basic information on Toei One-day Pass

¥700 (Adult), ¥350 (Child)
Sales locations
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Besides the routes that were shown in this article, there are so many more interesting spots worth visiting in Tokyo. In fact, you may be having hard time deciding where to go. In that case, it may be a good idea to narrow down your search by finding out places you can reach with the “Toei One-day Pass”. This will be actually a very affordable way to explore the city. Especially recommended for those who want more than only visiting ordinary tourist areas and spots.