Miyagi Zao Juhyo “Ice Monster” Tours

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Let’s Go See Japan’s World-Renowned “Ice Monster” Scenery!

This tour takes you to see the rare “juhyo,” as you ride in Wild Monster, a heated Snowcat bus.

“Juhyo,” also known as “ice monsters,” are trees covered in ice and snow in the process of a phenomenon where mist and water vapors freeze directly onto deciduous trees. The formation of juhyo requires precise conditions, such as constant wind from a single direction, so they can only be seen in a few specific locations in Japan’s Tohoku region, including Zao.
Zao is a popular tourist spot not just for its juhyo, but for skiing and hot springs as well.

Overview of Miyagi Zao Juhyo “Ice Monster” Tours

Basic information on Miyagi Zao Juhyo “Ice Monster” Tours

Period of Availability
December 15, 2018 - March 17, 2019
Miyagi Zao Ski Resort Sumikawa Snow Park
Gelande House, National Park, Kuraishidake, Togata Onsen, Katta-gun, Zao-machi, Miyagi Prefecture
Hours of Operation
11 am, 1:30 pm (duration approximately 2 hours)
Phone Number for Reservations