Hiroshima Flower Festival

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Visited by Around 1.5 Million People! A Festival Representative of Hiroshima

This festival celebrating peace, flowers, and music is held every year during Golden Week in May.
The festival’s main attractions include the Flower Festival Parade, YOSAKOI dance parade, and stages where song and dance performances are held.
The Flower Festival Parade is held on the first day of the festival. Around 8000 people from 100 different organizations parade down 1.2 kilometers of Peace Boulevard.
Around 80 locations around Peace Boulevard’s grassplots and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park are established as event areas. There, stalls selling gourmet foods and specialty goods around the world, as well as flea markets, are set up for guests to enjoy.
Approximately 90 teams participate in the YOSAKOI dance parade on the last day and parade down the main street.

The “Flower Tower” is a symbol of the Flower Festival.
The Flower Tower is 8 meters tall and 9 meters wide. It is set up in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.The tower is lit on May 3rd, and then the festival begins!

Stages are set up in around 30 places throughout the city, including along Peace Boulevard. Over 250 organizations make appearances on these stages, and there’s always music or dancing going on somewhere to watch!
The main stage is “Carnation Stage,” located in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

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Basic information on Hiroshima Flower Festival

Hiroshima Flower Festival

In the vicinity of Peace Boulevard and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
May 3rd, 4th, and 5th annually