Enjoy the hydrangeas at Kanagawa Prefecture’s Meigetsu-in Temple!

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Japan’s rainy season may be coming up, but there’s still plenty to look forward to! While June is generally wet and muggy, it’s also when varying colours of hydrangea begin to bloom beautifully all over Kanto. If you’re looking to see the flowers in all their glory, we suggest heading to the history-rich city of Kamakura, which was once the capital of Japan.

hydrangeas, Meigetsu-in Temple
[hydrangeas, Meigetsu-in Temple]

There are many great spots to see hydrangeas around Kamakura, however the most famous is Meigetsu-in Temple—it’s even nicknamed “the Hydrangea Temple”!

The temple grounds are renowned for their exquisite collection of thousands of blue hydrangeas. Every year a great number of people flock from all over the country to admire and photograph the temple’s idyllic scenery.

Hydrangeas may begin to bloom at the end of May, but most years they come into full bloom around the second week of June and last until the end of the month. However, the colour of the petals darkens day by day until they reach the lovely Meigetsu-in Blue. We urge you to come enjoy them at the peak of their beauty!

Enjoy the hydrangeas at Meigetsu-in Temple

Meigetsu-in Temple
[Meigetsu-in Temple]

Meigetsu-in Temple

189 Yamanouchi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
10-min walk from Kita-Kamakura Station
Hydrangea Viewing Period
Generally from the second week of June until the end of June
Special June Opening Hours
8:30-17:00 (Regular 9:00-16:00)
Special June Admission Fee
HS Student+ 500 yen, Elementary/JHS Student 300 yen
*Regular all 300 yen
*During June and when autumn leaves have changed color there is a special separate fee for entering