If you're looking for a place to have lunch in Ginza, this is it! Savor the flavor of their extremely extravagant truffle noodles at a true French restaurant, "Le Kochia".

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Le Kochia is an authentic French restaurant with a long history and a loyal following in Ginza. As introduced on the multimedia program, "A Lifetime of Truffles in One Meal", the chef has risen to the challenge of creating truffle noodles, only for lunch!

A Poster Introducing Truffle Noodles
A Poster Introducing Truffle Noodles

Access to Le Kochia

It's right next to the Kabuki-za Theater, one minute on foot from Higashi Ginza Station. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, where you'll see a counter with seating for six. Take in the delightful aroma of truffles permeating this narrow space!

An Explanation of Truffle Noodles
An Explanation of Truffle Noodles

A Highly Recommended Lunch! Extremely Extravagant Truffle Noodles

Although this authentic French restaurant boasts over 300 types of wine to complement its evening courses and a la carte offerings, there are only two items on its lunch menu: Truffle Noodles or a French "Chazuke" (tea poured over rice).

Of course, I'd like to recommend the truffle noodles, which come with a salad, cream and baguette slice. At ¥1800, it may seem a bit pricey, but with an extravagant 10 gram serving of sliced truffles offered without regret, it's actually a pretty good deal!

Truffle Noodles
Truffle Noodles

The soup, made from organic vegetables grown in the restaurant's garden and a fond de volaille (chicken broth), has a deep saltiness, just as a French soup should! It's so delicious, I could drink it all up!

Made from a blend of semolina flour used in pasta and ramen's wheat flour, the noodles are kneaded with olive oil for a specially-ordered dish that won't get soggy.

According to the explanation of how to eat it, about halfway through, pour the cream. One may wonder if it's better without, half believing, half doubting the suggestion, but the cream makes it smooth, and it's also delicious!

Adding the Cream
Adding the Cream

Finally, use the baguette slice to wipe up the soup. It's a perfect match for the bread!

The Baguette Slice
The Baguette Slice

While it may seem quite expensive for ramen, so many truffles are used that it's a good deal. Both the way of eating it and the new sensations it offers are delicious. With such a wonderful flavor and aroma, you are sure to be deeply moved by it!

Basic information on Le Kochia

The 2nd and 3rd floors of the Kintomi Bldg. 4-3-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Walk 1 minute from Higashi Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Line
Business Hours
11:30-14:00, 18:00-23:30
Sundays and holidays