Yamanashi Prefecture - Lake Yamanaka Fireworks Festival

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Multiple fireworks festivals are held in August every year at the Fuji Five Lakes. Among those, the top-ranking festival is the Lake Yamanaka Fireworks Festival. The festival is held for consolation of spirits, prayer that no disasters occur, and appreciating the blessings of the lakes.

What Kind of Place is Lake Yamanaka?

Lake Yamanaka is a plateau resort at 1000 meters above sea level, and it is known for being an excellent place to take beautiful, close-up photographs of Mt. Fuji. It is particularly crowded during the summer, when it gets many foreign tourists, tennis players, and watersports participants visiting. The lake is located fairly close to Fuji-Q Highland, an amusement park famous for its roller coasters, only a 20-minute drive away.

Lake Yamanaka, Mt. Fuji
[Lake Yamanaka, Mt. Fuji]

The Festival's Fireworks

Many fireworks are launched in quick succession on August 1st, starting at 20:00 and lasting about 1 hour. In addition to typical fireworks, fireworks are also launched from the surface of the water, creating an enjoyable collaboration of beauty between the fireworks and the lake.

Other Highlights

A special stage will be set up as the main event venue in front of Seahorse, where a variety of performances will be held starting at around 15:00. Additionally, there will be a number of gourmet food stalls set up in the area, so we recommend grabbing some food to eat while you walk around and enjoy the festival!

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Basic information on Yamanashi Prefecture - Lake Yamanaka Fireworks Festival

Yamanashi Prefecture - Lake Yamanaka Fireworks Festival

86 Yamanaka, Minamitsurugun Yamanakakomura, Yamanashi
Main Venue
Parking lot in front of Seahorse
About 20 minutes by car from Mt. Fuji Station
August 1st, 2019
※In case of inclement weather, event will be postponed until August 2nd. If inclement weather continues on the 2nd, event will be cancelled.