Seasonal Parfaits and a Limited Curry Menu at Pierre Marcolini Ginza Flagship Cafe!

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Pierre Marcolini is a luxury chocolatier from Belgium.
They have now opened 7 shops in Japan, with locations ranging from Ginza to Haneda Airport and Tokyo Station.
Around the world, there are only two Marcolini shops with a cafe attached: Tokyo's Ginza and Aichi Prefecture's Nagoya locations. In this article, I'll introduce the parfaits I have enjoyed there, as well as the unique curry menu offered at this cafe!

The Exterior of the Ginza Flagship Store
The Exterior of the Ginza Flagship Store

*This photo of the exterior was taken in the summer.

The shop is on the first floor, and the cafe is on the second floor.

Marcolini Curry ¥3024 (Comes With Salad, Chocolate Ice Cream, and Coffee)

This Marcolini curry is exclusively available at the Ginza cafe!
Offered for lunch from 12 to 2 pm, it's limited to 20 servings a day.

Tomato Salad
Tomato Salad
Marcolini Curry
Marcolini Curry

This was a dark curry, with the aroma of cocoa!

It was full of softly simmered beef.
It was full of softly simmered beef.

The flavor of bitter chocolate blended with the spicy effect of the curry! It was the first time for me to try this flavor!
Not at all sweet like chocolate, the aroma of the cocoa gives it a nice, rich flavor.

Chocolate Ice Cream and Coffee
Chocolate Ice Cream and Coffee

The rich chocolate ice cream was also delicious!

Enjoy a Moment of Supreme Bliss with a Parfait!

Now, I'll introduce the parfait menu.
Since the seasonal parfait menus change every year, please use this as a reference.

For the Fall of 2018, Chestnuts are the Main Attraction

Just as I thought, chestnuts are the staple feature of this year's autumn parfait.
Its proper name is, "Marcolini Marron Parfait Mont Blanc 2018". *Marron is the French word for "chestnut".

The Parfait Sign
The Parfait Sign

As I looked at the sign, I felt like I was being sucked up to the second floor! Of course, I ordered the marron parfait.

The chestnut-flavored cream featured a hint of rum. It had a little kick!
Although cassis (black currant) berries were the main ingredient, they weren't so sour. The cassis and walnuts offered a nice textural accent.

The Most Popular Chocolate Parfait!

The Marcolini Chocolate Parfait   ¥1728 (including tax)
The Marcolini Chocolate Parfait ¥1728 (including tax)

The chocolate parfait is one that I will always love.
This simple parfait is made of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse, unsweetened fresh cream, a chocolate tablet and a slice of banana.
I am always impressed by its delicious taste!
When you are unsure of what to order, I can recommend this parfait!

The Parfait for the Summer of 2018 : Watermelon

The Seasonal Parfait  Watermelon ¥1,620
The Seasonal Parfait Watermelon ¥1,620

At the top were watermelon-flavored jelly and sorbet.
White chocolate and a mint jelly were places on the bottom. They complemented the flavor of the watermelon very well.

The Parfait for the Spring of 2017: Strawberry

Every year, from March to the end of May, springtime strawberries appear on the menu.

Seasonal Parfait   Strawberry ¥1,620
Seasonal Parfait Strawberry ¥1,620

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream are topped with cream and strawberries.
With this parfait, you can savor three different flavors of ice cream.

While the chocolate parfait is standard, the seasonal parfaits are also recommended.

Basic information on Pierre Marcolini Ginza Flagship Cafe

5-5-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
1 minute on foot from the B3 exit of Ginza Station
Business Hours
11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sun., Hols.: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Open every day