Gunma Safari Park

See Animals from Inside Your Car

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This vast natural zoo is located in a hilly area next to Daien Lake. Visitors can see around 100 types of wild animals, including giraffes, white tigers, and lions, from inside of a car or bus. The facility also offers their own bus rides with varying experiences, including a thrilling feeding experience where you can give food to lions and herbivorous animals, as well as rides in a rhino-shaped bus. The walking safari zone allows you to get out of the car, and there you’ll find the “Wolves’ Forest Wolf Breeding Center,” a facility for the breeding and exhibition of endangered wolves.


  • Be sure to decide which vehicle you’d like to use before entering the park.
  • The Japan zones feature Asian black bears, Japanese macaques, and sika deer.
  • There are also night safari tours available (please see official website for prices, admission times, and more information).
  • There is also an amusement park, so you can enjoy exciting attractions like a roller coaster and Ferris wheel.


  • See lions up close

    See lions up close

  • Feeding experiences

    Feeding experiences


  • 方筱婷

    漂亮 動物環境好 又好玩!值得一去的好地方 大人小孩都開心

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Postal Code
1 Okamoto, Tomioka City, Gunma
2700 yen, adults 65 years or older 1900 yen, junior high school students and younger 1400 yen, children under 3 years of age free
※Bus fares charged separately
※Amusement park ride fees charged separately
Wednesdays (open if a public holiday falls on a Wednesday. No closed days March 20th-April 7th, April 29th-May 5th, July 20th-August 31st, and December 28th-January 7th)
※Subject to change
(1) About 15 minutes by taxi from the Joshin Dentetsu Joshin Line’s Joshu-Tomioka Station
(2) About 40 minutes by taxi from the JR Takasaki Line and Joetsu Line’s Takasaki Station
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)