Yokohama Municipal Zoo, Zoorasia

See Wildlife from Around the World at One of Japan’s Largest Zoos

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Focusing on a theme of “coexistence of life and harmony with nature,” this zoo displays, raises, and breeds wild animals from around the world.
The exhibits are divided into zones based on climate and region, including the “Asian Tropical Forest,” “Japanese Countryside,” and “African Savanna” zones, so it feels like you’re traveling the world as you look through the exhibits.
There is also a corner exhibit where you can interact with animals like ponies and guinea pigs, as well as a park where you can stop and enjoy a packed lunch.
There are also restaurants and hamburger stands in the zoo.
The gift shop sells things like original sweets and stuffed animals.


  • Meet over 100 species of animals from around the world, including Indian elephants and polar bears.
  • Species endemic to Japan, including the Tsushima leopard cat, live in the “Japanese Countryside” zone.
  • Each zone recreates a different environment, including savanna grasslands and the dense trees of a rainforest.
  • Guests can enjoy African food at the restaurant in the savanna zone.
  • The gift shop has plenty of sweets and items themed after the okapi, a cute and funny animal.
  • English and Chinese (simplified) versions of the zoo map are available for download on the zoo’s official website.


  • Recreating savanna grasslands in Yokohama
  • Polar bears live in the “Subarctic Forest” zone
  • An okapi, “Lulu (female),” an animal related to giraffes
  • An African dish, “muamba rice,” which has been selected as one of the 10 most delicious dishes in the world. 
Try it at the “Savanna Terrace” in the zoo!
  • The “Donut Cushion Okapi” is one of the too-cute items you can buy!
  • Stuffed animals


  • 蔡亭函


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
1175-1 Kamishirane, Asahi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
800 yen, high school students 300 yen, elementary and junior high school students 200 yen, younger children free
※Admission is free for high school students and younger every Saturday (student ID required).
Tuesdays (or following day if a public holiday falls on the Tuesday), December 29th-January 1st
※May open on certain dates designated for closures.
Business Hours
9:30am-4:30pm (Admission allowed until 4:00pm)
(1) About 15 minutes by bus bound for “Yokohama Zoo” from the north exit of the Sotetsu Line’s Tsurugamine Station, the north exit of the Sotetsu Line’s Mitsukyo Station, or the south exit of the JR Yokohama Line and Yokohama Municipal Subway’s Nakayama Station
(2) About 1 hour by bus bound for “Yokohama Zoo” from the JR, Keikyu Main Line, Tokyu Toyoko Line, Minato Mirai Line, Sotetsu Line, and Yokohama Municipal Subway’s Yokohama Station
Parking Lot
Available, paid
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)