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Nagatanien “Ochazuke Nori 4-pc”, “Ochazuke Nori 8-pc”

An Ochazuke Base with Fragrant Nori and Arare.

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Loved by everyone from children to the elderly, this item is a longtime bestseller.
Just put the ochazuke (tea and rice) base ingredients in a bowl of rice, pour hot water over it, and eat!
Besides the Nori (dried seaweed), there is also a full lineup of flavors such as Umeboshi (pickled plum), Tarako (cod roe) and Wasabi.
Arrange it as a cool ochazuke by pouring cold water on top of the desired ingredients.
This is perfect for when you are busy, don’t have much appetite, or feel just a little hungry!


  • All you need is water and rice.
  • Just right when you’re a bit hungry!


  • The delicious, calming taste of ochazuke. Ochazuke Nori 4-pc

    The delicious, calming taste of ochazuke. Ochazuke Nori 4-pc

  • Ochazuke Nori 8-pc

    Ochazuke Nori 8-pc

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Product name in Japanese
お茶づけ海苔 4袋入/お茶づけ海苔8袋入
Nagatanien Co.,Ltd.
Pack of 4: 128en, Pack of 8: 250yen (tax not included)
*The price may vary depending on the store.
15kcal per pack (6g)
Shelf Life
24 months from manufacture
Official Website
Official Website(English)