Papetta, a puppet-style case for seals

Seal cases in soft and cute animal designs

Seal case, Stationery

There are many times when seals (stamps) are used in Japan, whether for personal or business purposes, but they often create a stiff impression. Papetta are puppet-style seal cases that turn seals into an object that offers healing.
Papetta are puppet-style cases that come in six cute animal designs: shiba dog, tabby cat, giraffe, rhinoceros, Malaysian tapir, and Tanaka’s cat. They carry a small vermillion inkpad inside. Take the cap/head off, and you can also use them just like that as a seal.
Turn them upside down, and you can use them as a holder for a seal or a pen.


  • Seal cases in six different soft and cute animal designs.
  • The silicon body feels comfortable to touch.
  • Suitable for seals with a diameter of 10.5 to 12 mm (seals with a diameter under 12 mm need to be fixed with a sticker).


  • Papetta
  • Remove the face/cap to use it as a seal
  • Turn it upside down to use it as a holder for a seal or a pen
  • Amplify the cuteness simply by arranging them on your desk
  • Shiba dog
  • Tabby cat
  • Giraffe
  • Rhinoceros
  • Malayan tapir
  • Tanaka’s cat


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