Fluffy and delicious Kometsubu-chan (Little Grain of Rice)

Simply pop it in your rice cooker and start cooking to make your everyday rice more delicious.


Just pop Kometsubu-chan into your rice cooker and cook as usual. This product works like magic to improve the stickiness and sweetness of your rice, making each and every grain delicious.
Platinum nanoparticles lightly alkalize the water and break down the proteins on the surface of rice. The rice becomes sweeter because the water penetrates through the broken-down surface into the grain.
The far-infrared effect also helps to make the rice light and fluffy.
The product’s antioxidant effect also slows the deterioration and yellowing of the rice, which is helpful.
This is an economical product that can be washed and used many times over.


  • A no-fuss product that will make your rice delicious.
  • Wash thoroughly with dishwashing detergent before using the product for the first time.
  • Economical because it can be washed and used many times over (dishwasher compatible).
  • Made in Japan.



  • Fluffy and delicious Kometsubu-chan
  • Fluffy and delicious Kometsubu-chan
  • Just pop it in the rice cooker and start cooking


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Product name in Japanese
Cogit Corporation
980 yen (tax not included)
※Prices may vary by shop.
Available at
hardware stores, online stores, etc.
Official Website
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