TIGER Stainless steel bottle MJX-A482

Stainless steel bottle comes in five designs which present Japanese traditional aesthetics in a rich three-dimensionality.

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Stainless steel bottle which has three-dimensional pattern and touch is produced by advanced technology that repeatedly adds the newest fine patterns in order to create a bumpy three-dimensional effect. Five patterns express Japanese traditional aesthetics richly. Stainless steel vacuum double-layer construction can provide cold drink during the summer and hot drink during winter for a long time.
It is consistently manufactured in Japan, from processing to packaging, and also is focused on ease of use. The mouth of the bottle, made of stainless, is rounded off to feel smooth when drinking. "Super clean finished process" makes it hard for stains and odors to stick. The main body weight of approximately 230g is light. With a recess in the center of the main body, it fits easily in your hand and hold is easy to hold.


  • Stainless steel bottle which communicates Japanese traditional aesthetics.
  • Stainless steel vacuum double-layer construction responds to both heat and cold insulation.
  • Coming in a paulownia box, it is perfect for a gift. .
  • It is easy to carry around with its lightweight and compact design.


  • Five-pattern lineup

    Five-pattern lineup

  • Stainless steel vacuum double layer construction and three-dimensional pattern

    Stainless steel vacuum double layer construction and three-dimensional pattern


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Product name in Japanese
ステンレスボトル MJX-A482
Tiger Corporation
The main body weight
approximately 230g
Duty-free shop in the airport, electronics retail store, general store, etc.
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Official Website (English)