Tokyo Monjayaki Shrimp Crackers

Shrimp Crackers flavored as "Monjayaki", a famous product of Tokyo

Shrimp Crackers

Monjayaki-flavored shrimp crackers made by Keishindo, a shrimp cracker shop that has been in business for over 150 years.
Broth, sauce, sea lettuce, and red ginger a kneaded into a dough made with an ample amount of shrimp paste, which is fried until it is crunchy and fragrant. The dough is thin and easy to eat and has dense flavors. Ideal as a snack or as something to eat together with a beer.


  • Monjayaki-flavored shrimp crackers that will let the frag.
  • Easy to take home with you as a souvenir as it is not heavy.
  • Ideal as a snack to eat with beer.
  • As it is sold at a store inside GRANSTA at Tokyo Station, it is convenient to buy while changing trains.


  • Tokyo Monjayaki Shrimp Crackers

    Tokyo Monjayaki Shrimp Crackers

  • Package



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Product name in Japanese
5 sachets 648 yen (including tax), 10 sachets 1,296yen (including tax), 20 sachets 2,592yen (including tax)
Sold at
Keishindo Tokyo Station GRANSTA Shop (inside the ticket gate area on the first underground level of JR East Tokyo Station)
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)