Cute glasses with designs that appear when drinks are poured into them


These fun glasses have animals and other things designed on the double wall glass on the interior, so a cute design clearly stands out when drinks are poured inside.
In addition to an animal series for the designs, we have also developed a fruit series, heart series, Shiba dog series, and more.
Using a method for blowing glass, the craftsmen make each one by hand, giving birth to products that are a combination of traditional skills from the craftsmen and the sensitivity of the young designers.
You will surely have a smile on your face during tea time.


  • Cute animals and other things clearly stand out when drinks are poured inside of these cute glasses.
  • The craftsmen make each one by hand.
  • They are made from heat-resistant glass, so they can also be used with hot drinks.
  • We also have a mug series with handles.




  • Fruit series

    Fruit series


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Product name
Aiwa co., ltd.
3,200yen~(tax not included)
*The price differs depending on the design.
Stores where it is sold: Loft, Tokyu Hands, department stores, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (English)