Super Mario Blocks (wooden building blocks)

A building block toy that encourages intellectual development and can grow with your child


These wooden building blocks allow children to learn as they enjoy the world of the popular character, "Super Mario."
Most all of the 31 pieces come with different character designs on the back, and they let children think freely and play by stacking, lining, and combining the blocks with each other.
The blocks also come with a communication book that shows how to adjust playing styles to match children's ages and developmental stages, as well as a play sheet. The book shows many different ways to play with the building blocks besides just stacking them, so users can play for long periods of time without growing bored.
Guardians can always take playing to the next level to meet their child's developmental stage.


  • Playing levels can be adjusted to meet children's developmental stages, allowing for long-time use.
  • Wooden building blocks feature the popular character, "Super Mario.".
  • Packaging comes in a bucket shape for easy carrying and clean up.
  • For children 18 months and up.


  • Super Mario Blocks (wooden building blocks)

    Super Mario Blocks (wooden building blocks)

  • Features many characters from Super Mario

    Features many characters from Super Mario

  • Wooden blocks' design (both sides)

    Wooden blocks' design (both sides)

  • Communication book and play sheet

    Communication book and play sheet


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スーパーマリオ ブロック(積み木)
3,800yen(tax not included)
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