Body Balance Soft Lace-up Sneakers

Extra light weight sneakers developed in cooperation with foot specialists, designed to give women an even more beautiful and healthier way of walking


Extra light weight body balance sneakers designed to give you an even more beautiful and healthier way of walking. Helps improve the condition of your feet and legs as a whole in addition to improving bow-legs. These are high-tech sneakers that promote effective walking and come in a flat, lace-up type. There are five colors, including animal prints.
Sneakers unique for their extra light weight at 145g per shoe and patented insole. They help adjust the center of gravity of your legs to their correct position and help correct any deformations.
These sneakers are offered at a competitive price despite being high-quality Japan-made products, carefully made by craftsmen in factories in Japan.


  • Developed in cooperation with foot specialists who have checked the feet of 100,000 people.
  • Extra light weight sneakers with each shoe weighing a mere 145g (the weight of two eggs).
  • Helping people walk in an even more beautiful fashion, with the patented "Body Balance Insole".
  • Uses one strip of sewn Japan-made artificial leather, realizing a soft touch to the feet and ease to wear.
  • Five colors developed, with designs for your private life and for business.


  • Body Balance Soft Lace-up Sneakers

    Body Balance Soft Lace-up Sneakers

  • Snake


  • Black (Croco)

    Black (Croco)

  • Golden color

    Golden color

  • White


  • Black



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Product name in Japanese
KiBERA Co., Ltd.
9,900yen (tax not included)
22.5-24.5 cm
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All KiBERA Stores
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