Kirin Namacha

A Rich and Refreshing Green Tea Drink Made with Raw Green Tea Leaves

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Green Tea

Kirin’s “Namacha” is a long-selling product that’s been popular since its release in 2000. The rich, refreshing flavors from the raw tea leaves fill you with its deliciousness, body and soul. It is available in plastic bottles, cans, and cartons, so you can enjoy this authentic green tea any time.
This product is made with raw tea leaves that have been fully frozen to preserve freshness. The raw tea leaves, which are left whole, are then pressed, bringing out the refreshing flavors and sweetness of the fresh green leaves alongside a deep and rich taste.
The simple and refreshing packaging design, using a raw tea leaf as its symbol, is quite memorable.


  • Popular long-selling product released in 2000.
  • Rich and fresh flavor from raw tea leaves.
  • Available in various sizes.



  • Namacha, 525ml plastic bottle

    Namacha, 525ml plastic bottle


  • Ami Lin


  • 香取


  • YIyi


  • Kashima Eloida

    It was worth every penny, it really lives up to its name and give you a relaxing after effect. I’ll be sure to order another box again.美味しくて素晴らしい生茶です🥰

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Product name in Japanese
キリン 生茶
Kirin Beverage Company,Limited
525ml 140yen(tax not included),2L 350yen(tax not included)
※Also available in other sizes
※Prices may vary by shop.
Available at
supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)