Ichiroku Tart “Yuzu”

A Traditional Sweet from the Shikoku Region with a Yuzu Aroma

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Ichiroku tarts are a beloved and famous Shikoku sweet.
“Ichiroku Tart Yuzu” is made by rolling a filling of smooth bean paste mixed with white sugar and yuzu from Ehime Prefecture into a soft sponge cake. As you take a bite, the refreshing flavor of the yuzu and the subtle sweetness of the bean paste spread through your mouth.
Since Ichiroku was founded, their sponge cakes have always been carefully topped with bean paste and rolled by hand, made one by one.
It comes pre-sliced for ease of eating. It is also available in single-slice portions.


  • A traditional and iconic Shikoku region sweet.
  • Features a soft and delicate sponge cake and yuzu-flavored bean paste.
  • Pre-sliced for ease of eating.



  • Ichiroku Tart “Yuzu”

    Ichiroku Tart “Yuzu”

  • Packaging (Single-Slice Ichiroku Tart Yuzu, 1pc)

    Packaging (Single-Slice Ichiroku Tart Yuzu, 1pc)

  • Photo of Ichiroku Tart Yuzu

    Photo of Ichiroku Tart Yuzu


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Product name in Japanese
Ichiroku Co.,Ltd.
756 yen each (tax incl.)
Single-Slice Ichiroku Tart Yuzu: 1pc 129 yen(tax incl.), 3pcs 453 yen(tax incl.), 5pcs 680 yen(tax incl.)
Sales Locations
Ichiroku main stores, Matsuyama Airport, JR Matsuyama Station, highway service areas, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)