Beppu Onsen

One of Japan’s top onsen areas with plenty of natural hot springs.

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Hot spring

Beppu onsen is the collective name for all of the hot springs across Beppu City in Oita Prefecture. With 2,847 different springs that produce about 130,000 kiloliters of spring water every day, its ranked among the highest of hot springs in Japan. Beppu Onsen is divided into 8 areas and is also called Beppu Hatto or Bappu Onsenkyo. The many different springs offer different water properties and colors, so you won’t want to miss the chance to visit as many different hot springs as possible.

Beppu Onsen is also nicknamed “hell” for the pluming hot steam clouds seen across the town. Many visitors like to try the “Hells of Beppu” tour, visiting 7 different hot springs including Kannawa Onsen. The four “hells”, “Umi Jigoku”, “Chinoike Jigoku”, “Tatsumaki Jigoku” and “Shiraike Jigoku” together are a nationally designated “Place of Scenic Beauty”.

There are more than 150 different mixed baths run for the local residents at a reasonable rate of 100yen-200yen per person. They are also available for tourists to use as well.

Beppu Hatto (Beppu 8 hot springs)

  • Beppu Hot Spring・・・a hot springs town known for the onsen around the JR Beppu Station area.
  • Hamawaki Hot Spring・・・a hot springs spot at the estuary of Asami River.
  • Kankaiji Hot Spring・・・a hot spring 150 meters above sea level with views overlooking the Beppu bay and town area.
  • Horita Hot Spring・・・a spring located deep behind Kankaiji Hot Springs and closed to Yufuin.
  • Myouban Hot Spring・・・A 400-meter altitude hot spring on the slope of Garan-dake, with the wafting smell of sulfur
  • Kannawa Hot Spring・・・The main hot springs in the “Hell of Beppu” springs, dotted with plumes of billowing steam.
  • Shibaseki Hot Spring・・・One of the hot springs near Chinoike Jigoku, a hot spring included in the “Hells of Beppu”.
  • Kamegawa Hot Spring・・・a seaside hot spring just steps from JR Kamegawa Station.


  • A famous hot springs resort in Japan with 8 different spring sources.
  • The famous “Hells of Beppu” is mostly a scenic tour to just see different springs, but there are footbaths to enjoy along the way as well.
  • There are mixed baths used by the local residents for many years, available to enter at a very low fee.
  • The outlook point at Yukemuri Observatory offers swooping views of the hot springs town and plumes of billowing steam.


  • Scenic view from Yukemuri Observatory

    Scenic view from Yukemuri Observatory

  • Umi Jigoku

    Umi Jigoku

  • Chinoike Jigoku

    Chinoike Jigoku

  • Tatsumaki Jigoku

    Tatsumaki Jigoku

  • Shiraike Jigoku

    Shiraike Jigoku

  • Foot baths

    Foot baths


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