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Hate no Hama

This beautiful sandy beach appears in Google commercials.

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Hate no Hama is an uninhabited sand beach island only 5 kilometers from Kume Island in Okinawa.

There are three beaches. The closest to Kume Island is “Menuhama,” and then nearby, “Nakanuhama,” and “Hatinuhama,” but collectively they are known as “Hate no Hama.” The total island length of the three is about 7 kilometers.
The sea around the sand spit has high transparency, being referred to as the "most beautiful in the East." Hate no Hama has also appeared in a commercial for the search engine Google.

You can enjoy both swimming and snorkeling at Hate no Hama.
There are no sunshade facilities on Hate no Hama, so be sure to apply sunscreen to prevent sunburns.

You can reach Hate no Hama by boat service from Kume Island.
Most of the boat services are by reservation only, so be sure to make an appointment in advance!


  • Celebrated as the most beautiful beach in the East with perfectly clear water.
  • The popular tours include boat fees and water sport activities.
  • Since there are no sunshades, sun protection is a must.
  • Photogenic beach used often in commercials.


  • The beautiful beach of Hate no Hama

    The beautiful beach of Hate no Hama

  • Transit boat

    Transit boat

  • Various enjoyable water sport activities

    Various enjoyable water sport activities

  • Waterbike excitement

    Waterbike excitement

  • Moonscape Toilet

    Moonscape Toilet

  • View from above

    View from above

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Do you have signs or pamphlets in foreign languages? (If you do, which languages are available?)


Sorry, we don’t.


Is free Wi-Fi available in the area?


No free Wi-Fi available.


Are coin lockers available?


Not available.


Are there restrooms available?


There is one temporary toilet in Nakanohama, but we generally recommend using the restroom at Tomari Fishery Marina.



Name in Japanese
Kumejimacho, Shimajirigun, Okinawa
098-851-7973 (Kumejimacho Tourism Association)
30 minutes by boat from Kume Island
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)