Yoro Valley

A fantastic hiking course through the valley of a waterfall.

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Scenic Spots

This valley was formed by the Yoro River and sits at the very center of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture. Located just 2 hours from Tokyo, this lush, nature escape in Chiba is also home to many different hot springs. The climate is generally mild, making it a great hiking destination in winter, and also earning the title “the latest autumn leaves in Kanto”, as they come into full color from late November to early December.

Yoro Valley is home to a rich array of nature, and “8 Scenic Points of Yoro”, which includes the biggest waterfall in all of Chiba Prefecture, the Awamata Waterfall. Additionally, gorgeous autumn leaves can be found across the area in spots like Umegasu Gorge and Kobundo Ruins.

There are 3 different hiking courses available at Yoro Valley. The 4-km “waterfall circuit course” has few slopes and a path that brings you to 5 different waterfalls. This easier course is great for beginners are hikers bringing kids.


  • Home to many popular spots to see the autumn foliage in Chiba.
  • A walking path is set along the Yoro River so beginners can easily enjoy the hike.
  • There’s a nearby hot spring that’s famous for its black waters. There is also a footbath to enjoy at Yorokeikoku Station.
  • A portion of the hiking course is blocked off due to damage in the 2019 typhoon. Please be sure to check before making the trip.


  • Awamata Waterfall, the iconic symbol of Yoro Valley

    Awamata Waterfall, the iconic symbol of Yoro Valley

  • In front of the Awamata Waterfall

    In front of the Awamata Waterfall

  • Kobundo Ruins

    Kobundo Ruins

  • The two-story “Mukaiyama Tunnel”

    The two-story “Mukaiyama Tunnel”

  • Konjin Falls

    Konjin Falls

  • Kannon Bridge

    Kannon Bridge


  • 蕙珊


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
Ichihara City / Otaki-machi, Isumi-gun, Chiba
0436-96-0055 (Yorokeikoku Station Tourism Information Center)
Start at Yorokeikoku Station on the Kominato Railway or Kazusanakano Stationon the Isumi Railway, then take a bus and get off at Awamata no Taki.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)