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Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding at the flagship Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding Store!

Individually hand-crafted puddings made with regional Nara ingredients. A perfect momento for your next Nara trip.

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Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding is a classic Nara souvenir that includes a line of luscious, local flavors including the Nara special custard, Yamato Tea, a spiked pudding made with regionally sourced Nara sake and the Nara yae-zakura pudding topped with Yoshino cherryblossoms. Each pudding is made painstakingly by hand without any harmful additives to ensure the ultimate taste experience.

The pudding cup is topped with a lid decorated with adorable doodles of the buddha’s face and its little helper deer, making for an unforgettably cute souvenir that anyone would love to receive. Outside of puddings, the store is also stocked with plenty of cookies and coffees to shop. There are a number of cafes across the prefecture that serve as brand outposts, so make sure to stop in on your next trip to Nara.


  • A pudding cup rich with regional ingredients from Nara.
  • The extra cute deer and buddha doodle on the lid make it an extra popular souvenir.
  • This all-natural pudding is made without harmful additives.
  • A full line-up of flavors available in addition to the standard custard.


  • Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding, featuring cute doodles of the buddha.

    Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding, featuring cute doodles of the buddha.

  • The flagship Pudding no Mori Café

    The flagship Pudding no Mori Café



Product name in Japanese
Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding Honpo
Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding small custard 378 yen (to go) and 385 yen (dine in)
Available Stores
Flagship store “ Purin no Mori” Café, Naramachi Ezuya, Kintetsu Nara Station, JR Nara Station Momotaro, Todaijimonzen Yume-kaze Hiroba, M! Nara, Aeon Mall Naratomigaoka, Kintetsu Yamato-Saidaiji Station Naka Store, Saidaiji Sanwa City Shop.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)