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Omura Butcher Shop

A Kuroge Wagyu shop with street-eats like Mishima Korokke and ready-made sides.

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Mishima Korokke are a local treat made 100% with May Queen potatoes from Hakone-seiroku. The potatoes are especially rich in creamy, made into a sweet, fluffy delicious bite that even restaurant chef’s love. The taste is so good that Mishima City organizers decided to start a Mishima Korokke Club, dedicated with sharing more of the fluffy goodness with the world. Only verified sellers can use the name Mishima Korokke. The fillings and final shape may vary from shop to shop, making it a fun treat to try and compare as you go.

Omura Butcher Shop is one spot where you can get your hands on Mishima Korokke. It’s a Kuroge Wagyu specialty shop opened 65 years ago, known for carefully selecting every head of beef that they use. Other popular items include the filet-katsu or menchi-katsu made with the same beef. Beef is also available to order so you may want to visit on a special day or when you need a gift.

The Mishima Korokke from Omura Butcher Shop are known for their authentic flavor and adorable heart shape. There’s even a sweet-potato version available, a rare variation only sold at select shops (season limited). It’s sweet enough to rank 13-14 on the sugar scale like some fruits, and is made 100% with Mishima sweet potato. Once called the Sweet Potato of Yamakita, its so famously delicious that it’s been known to sell at top-notch prices. If you have a chance its delicious to try both.


  • Heart-shaped Mishima Korokke with loads of sweet taste and fluffy texture.
  • Limited-edition sweet-potato korokke is available sometimes too.
  • Menchi-katsu and ready-made sides are also available.
  • A full-on kuroge wagyu butcher shop.


  • Charming little heart-shaped Mishima Korokke

    Charming little heart-shaped Mishima Korokke

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Postal Code
2-27 Taishacho, Mishima City, Shizuoka
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4 min. walk from Mishima Station on the JR Tokaido Main Line.
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Not accepted
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