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The nameless pond (Nicknamed Monet’s Pond)

The breathtakingly beautiful, nameless pond that transports its visitors straight into a Monet painting.

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This nameless pond sits just beside the walk up to Nemichi Shrine in Itadori (Seki City). Inside its clear waters you’ll find a breathtaking scene of multi-colored koi as they float through the reeds and grasses. The watery world seems as if it was picked out of French impressionist Claude Monet’s water lilies paintings, earning it the nickname “Monet’s Pond”.

The pond waters are sourced from natural mountain snowmelts, making for its extremely clear quality. As the hours pass and light plays across its surface, the pond may change from blues to greens in a mystical array of color.

For an especially picturesque scene, visit when the water lilies come into full bloom from mid-June to early August. For hydrangea lovers, you’ll enjoy a stop over while visiting the local spots during the late-June to early July season. The pond’s surrounding area, known as “Itadori”, is a famous destination for hydrangeas. When in bloom, we recommend a visit to see the area as its washed with color, coupled with a stopover at “Hydrangea Road” and “Hydrangea Park”.

That’s not all, the pond is surrounded by trees that paint the surroundings and water surface with a gorgeous red hue in autumn (November). Whether in the fall or snowy winter the pond is sure to take your breath away.
※Exact season for water lilies changes slightly each year.


  • This clear and gorgeous pond will take your mind to the works of Monet.
  • Iridescent pond waters seem to change colors before your eyes.
  • Especially gorgeous when the water lilies comes in full bloom from mid-June to early August.
  • The hydrangea and autumn foliage seasons are a special treat for the eyes.
  • Perfect stop over if you’re checking out seasonal hydrangea spots nearby.


  • A tranquil world of wonder awaits you at the lake.

    A tranquil world of wonder awaits you at the lake.

  • Enjoy the ever-changing beauty across the day at Monet’s Pond.

    Enjoy the ever-changing beauty across the day at Monet’s Pond.


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Nemichi Shrine, 448 Itadori, Seki City, Gifu
0581-57-2111 (Seki City Itatori Office)
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Open all day everyday.
(1) By car, about 35 mins from the Mino IC exit on the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway
(2) From Gifu Station on the JR Tokaido or Takayama Lines, take the Gifu-Itatori bus for approx. 70 mins to Horado Kiwi Plaza, switch to the Itatori Fureai Bus and ride for 15 mins to get off at “Mone-no-ike-Mae” bus stop. Your destination is about a 2 min walk from the bus stop.
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