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Shirakawa-go Light-up Event

The Shirakawa-go Light-up Event, held amidst snow-covered landscapes, is where you’ll find a mesmerizing world of magic. Operating completely on a pre-booking system, this highly sought-after event draws wide acclaim.

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*Please note that reservations for the 2024 edition are almost fully booked.

Located in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed gassho-zukuri village of Shirakawa-go, this event, held on specific days in January and February, draws large crowds annually. The sight of the iconic, thatched triangular roofs of the gassho-style houses blanketed in snow, illuminated against the night, evokes a fairy-tale-like look and feel.

For 2024, the event will operate on a complete pre-booking and ticket-entry system. Admission is restricted to those who: (1) stay overnight in the village on the day of the event, (2)(3) reserve a designated parking space for car or taxi use, or (4)(5) participate in a bus tour organized by a bus company or travel agency. Access to the observation deck is also limited to those with tickets included in these plans.

Without an entry ticket, daytime tourism in Shirakawa-go is possible on the day of the light-up, but parking is limited to final entry at 3 PM and must be vacated by 5 PM. Also, vehicle access to the village's observation deck is restricted all day. Temperatures during the light-up can drop to between -10 to 0°C, so attendees should come prepared with warm clothing, waterproof boots, and flashlights.


  • A light-up event in the World Heritage site of Shirakawa-go.
  • View the gassho-zukuri village enveloped in the mystique that’s all alight.
  • Held under a complete pre-booking and ticket-entry system in 2024.
  • Access to the observation deck is restricted to ticket holders.
  • Daytime visits are possible without a reservation.


  • The gassho-style houses appear amidst the white snowfall

    The gassho-style houses appear amidst the white snowfall


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
Ogimachi, Shirakawa Village, Onogun, Gifu
05769-6-1013 (Shirakawa-go Light-up Committee)
Event Dates
January 14, 21, 28, February 4, 12, 18, 2024
5 minutes by car from Shirakawa-go IC on the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway
Official Website
Official Website (English)