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Kitagishima stone art (Mobius strip, Kitagi Guilin, Kitagi Venice)

Stone arts on the stone island of Kitagi.


Kitagi island has prospered as a "stone island" from the old days. Kitagi stone was used to rebuild Osaka Castle in the early Edo period and since the Meiji period, Kitagi stone has been used in many famous buildings, including the Bank of Japan and the Mitsukoshi Department Main Store.

The high-quality stone mined on the island is also called "Kitagi no Mikageishi (granite)". In 2019, the Kasaoka Islands, including Kitagi island, were recognized officially as "Stone Islands" and are part of the Japan Heritage system.

Kitagi island’s best attraction is a visit to "stone arts". At Toyoura Port, one of the entrance ports to the island, you will find a stone monument, the "Mobius Strip.” There are also other natural artworks scattered around the island in unique landscapes, so it is exciting to look for them.

Another must-see is the spectacular landscape, scenery of the old quarries, created by nature and humans over time. It was named "Kitagi Guilin" because the rainwater pond among the ruins of the quarry has created a landscape that resembles Guilin in China. Another interesting spot is the dock built by hand from scrap wood discarded from work at the quarry. The beautiful scenery of the stone-piled shore and the emerald green sea is called "Kitagi Venice", and presents a very unique impression of a stone production town.

Please visit Kitagi island to see stone arts and discover the stone monuments and the spectacular view of the quarry etc.


  • The island has prospered as a high quality "stone island" from the old days.
  • The island is dotted with "stone art".
  • There are many picturesque spots such as the ruins of quarries.


  • Mobius strip

    Mobius strip

  • It’s forbidden to get too closer to the spectacular Kitagi Guilin site

    It’s forbidden to get too closer to the spectacular Kitagi Guilin site

  • Kitagi Venice reminds one of Venice in Italy

    Kitagi Venice reminds one of Venice in Italy



Name in Japanese
北木島 石アート(メビウスの輪、北木の桂林、北木のベニス)
Postal Code
Kitagishimacho, Kasaoka City, Okayama
Open time
any time
Entrance Fee
Very nearby Toyoura Port
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