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Makido Cave

The extraordinary limestone cave which the poet, Yosano Akiko, praised.

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This is a limestone cave said to have been found by a hunter chasing after a racoon. The 450m-long, 25m-wide cave is lit up colorfully for a fantastic effect. In 1929, the poet couple, Yosano Tekkan and Akiko praised it as extraordinary, hence, it was named as Maki Cave (Cave full of wonders).

It is a horizontal cave with little ups and downs. The temperatures are around 15°C throughout the year - cool in summer, and feels warm in winter. A red Ryugu bridge crosses over a sizable underground lake in the giant hall at the very end, where many stalactites and pillars have developed. They are lit up to bring a mystic ambience.

At the end of the path, the limestone “Senmaida” (Thousand Ricefields) appears, which is known as a location in a movie. There are about 30 tour spots named “Dream Palace,” “Kegon Waterfall,” “Lovers’ Fountain,” “Maiden and Mr. Urashima,” etc.


  • Dreamy LED light-up rendition is said to have begun in 2014.
  • Many tour spots such as a giant hall with many stalactites or Senmaida.
  • The temperatures in the cave are comfortable in summer and winter.


  • “Silver Curtain” which do look like curtains coming down

    “Silver Curtain” which do look like curtains coming down

  • Lovers’ Fountain

    Lovers’ Fountain

  • Near Ryugu Bridge where red illumination is pretty

    Near Ryugu Bridge where red illumination is pretty

  • A sizable lake called Ryugu

    A sizable lake called Ryugu



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
2276-2 Toyonagaakoma, Niimi City, Okayama
0867-74-3100 (Makido Cave Administration Office)
Open every day
Business Hours
8:30am-5:00pm (Admission allowed until 4:30pm)
Adult 1,000 yen, Middle schooler 800 yen, Child 500 yen, Preschooler: Free
From JR Ikura Station, ride a bus to Makido Stop. The cave is close by.
Official Website
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