The representative amusement park of Tokyo that is roughly 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station and can be enjoyed by children and adults throughout the year.

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Amusement park

Yomiuriland is the historic, representative amusement park of Tokyo that is located in the area spanning across Inagi, Tokyo and Kawasaki, Kanagawa.
It is conveniently accessible, as it is roughly 30 minutes by train from Shinjuku Station. Of course, there are various amusement attractions but there are also seasonal events, such as the pool in the summer and the light show in the winter, making it possible for children and adults to enjoy it throughout the year.

Yomiuriland official character GOOD and LUCKY
Yomiuriland official character GOOD and LUCKY

You can travel from Keio-yomiuri-land Station to the amusement park on the "Sky Shuttle" gondola, which we recommend because it allows you to enjoy the scenery of each season from the sky.
The amusement park can also be enjoyed when the weather is unfavorable, as it has many indoor facilities.

"Sky Shuttle" gondola

The amusement park can also be enjoyed when the weather is unfavorable, as it has many indoor facilities.


  • The illumination from late October each year to early May of the following year is not to be missed.
  • The "Goodjoba!!" area , which is the largest attraction for experiencing manufacturing in Japan, is perfect for family trips.
  • There is an abundance of amusement attractions for children aged 3 and up and at least 90cm tall.
  • HANA・BIYORI is an entertainment botanical garden, directly connected to the Yomiuriland.
  • There are many restaurants and stands for snacks, as well as multiple convenient shops for souvenirs, including a shop with Studio Ghibli goods.
  • After enjoying the amusement park, you can experience an authentic outdoor bath at the "Okanoyu" hot spring facility right next door.
  • The One-Day Pass offers a good value, as it allows you to ride many amusement attractions as many times as you would like.

Seasonal Highlights

Spring Highlights

If you ride "Bandit," Yomiuriland's popular roller coaster, you can speed through cherry trees at 110km per hour, making it the "fastest ever flower viewing."

The "fastest ever flower viewing".
The "fastest ever flower viewing".

Summer Highlights

When you think of summer in Tokyo, Yomiuriland's "Pool WAI" comes to mind. There are 5 pools and 3 slides, meaning that you can take on the massive slide with your friends or play in the children's pool with your children.
It is also recommended for dates, as there is also a night pool.

Autumn Highlights

The crimson leaves around Yomiuriland are beautiful in November. The views from the gondola and the Ferris wheel are exceptional. The Halloween event is also recommended.

The view from an Autumn Gondola
The view from an Autumn Gondola

Winter Highlights

"Jewellumination," the representative light show of Japan, is not to be missed! It was produced by Motoko Ishii, the world-famous lighting designer who also worked on lighting for the Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower. The entire amusement park is lit up during this period, providing a magical atmosphere.


  • Ferris Wheel and Sakura Flowers

    Ferris Wheel and Sakura Flowers





  • Goodjoba!!


  • Lots of New Attractions

    Lots of New Attractions

  • Zombie Event of Halloween

    Zombie Event of Halloween

  • Panoramic View of Illumination

    Panoramic View of Illumination

  • Fountain Shows

    Fountain Shows

  • Lights On Parade during the Illumination Period

    Lights On Parade during the Illumination Period


  • Ctly

    高達44種的遊樂項目 ,無論大人、小孩全家旅遊都合適

  • Pei Pei


  • 陳采兒


  • 玉兒 Huang


  • 林筱莉


  • 李心穎


  • 呂欣欣


  • 陳心月


  • Rise


  • helen


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
4015-1 Yanokuchi, Inagi City, Tokyo
*There may be changes depending on the season. Please check the schedule on the official site.
No scheduled holidays
Ticket prices
[One-Day Pass Admission + all-you-can-ride]
Adults (Age 18-64) 5,800 yen
Middle and high school students (Age 12-17) 4,600 yen
Children (age 6-11) , Senior citizens (age 65 and up) 4,000 yen
Preschoolers (Age 3-5) 2,400 yen
*There are various types of tickets, such as for entrance only and night passes.
(1) Ride the gondola (roughly 5-10 minutes, 300 yen each way) or take the Odakyu bus (roughly 5 minutes) from Keio-yomiuri-land Station on the Keio Sagamihara Line.
(2) Take the Odakyu bus (roughly 10 minutes) from Yomiuri-Land-mae Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line.
Official Website
Official Website (English)