Must-visit Cherry Blossoms viewing spot, Meguro River (Meguro-ku of Tokyo).

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We have introduced you the cherry blossoms forecast for 2015 few days ago, and promised will provide special series based on popular locations for cherry blossoms across Japan. We would like to introduce you is Meguro River where is located in Meguro-ku of Tokyo.

To Nakameguro Station takes 1 minute on foot from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line • Tokyu Toyoko Line. About 800 cherry trees line Meguro River for 3.8 kilometers and creates an amazing sight.

You will see cherry blossoms from the platform of Nakameguro Station bound for Shibuya.

In this photo you will see Meguro River is covered by cherry blossoms, and it's hardly to see river water underneath.

Backwards from the station, and see the direction towards to “Hinode Bridge”.
Cherry trees standing in a line beside the river, and petals of cherry blossom have been blowing like snow with wind. We called it “sakura fubuki” in Japanese. The scenery indeed looks like the sky is dropping cherry blossom snow.

The beautiful scenery is petals of cherry blossom fall onto the river water and flow slowly.
Following, let's walk up the slope.

The upper reaches of the river is slightly narrow, which is also called “sakura ceiling” due to the cherry blossoms are full bloom as a natural ceiling. In addition, during the Nakameguro Sakura Festival, the trees are light up in the evenings.

Nakameguro Station is especially crowded when viewing cherry blossoms at night. The photo showed above was taken from “Bessyo-bashi Bridge” near Nakameguro Station.

After passing through Bessyo-bashi Bridge, will lead you to “Sakurabashi Bridge” where the photo was taken. Althought it is slightly dark, but still able to see cherry blossoms fully bloom beautifully.

Walk a little more, you will see “Shukuyamabashi Bridge”. The photos were taken here in the daytime and evening. Take photos of Meguro River and cherry blossoms at the sides was planned, but visitors were everywhere so it was a pity that we cannot take a perfect shoot here.

The photo was taken from Shukuyamabashi Bridge. The scenery at here is absolutely beautiful which you will see little sky and a lot of cherry blossoms.

Along the Meguro River does not offer a very natural surrounding for blossom viewers, however the pathway is suitable for short walk, as well as viewing cherry blossoms at night. Due to the pathway is quite narrow with lots of visitors so we suggested you come here in the morning or afternoon.

Additionally, there are many cafés and restaurants beside the river, but easy to be full up during the cherry blossom season. The sparkling wine with whole strawberry is available at this place, and guests are welcome to drinking it outside of the shop. Having a glass of wine under cherry trees is the most happy thing of a day, why not go for a try?! Although we are still in the middle of work, but never mind!

Meguro River

Address:3 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
Access:Get off at Nakameguro Station on Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line • Tokyu Toyoko Line.


In this article, I have introduced the charms of Meguro River during the cherry blossom season.
Beyond Meguro River, there are many other attractive cherry blossom spots in Tokyo.
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