Want to explore areas between Haneda Airport and central Tokyo on your way? Then taking Tokyo Monorail is a great idea.

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There are several ways to get to the central part of Tokyo from Haneda Airport including busses, taxis, rental cars and trains (either Tokyo Monorail or Keikyu). Those who have abundant traveling experiences in Japan know which transportation to choose depending on their needs.

In this article, we will talk about the “Tokyo Monorail”; one of the popular ways of transportation. Based on our original research and opinions by those with rich traveling experiences, we will tell you the reasons why “people with certain needs should use Tokyo Monorail!”

In the last article, we talked about “taking Tokyo Monorail if you want to find your destination easily from Haneda Airport”.

Tokyo Monorail connecting Haneda Airport and central Tokyo
Tokyo Monorail connecting Haneda Airport and central Tokyo

Take Tokyo Monorail if you want to explore areas along the line

In our original research, we received quite a few answers that said “the areas along the line are charming” between Haneda Airport and “Hamamatsucho”; the last stop.
Now that super-hot summer is over and comfortable fall weather is here, it is a perfect idea to explore different areas.
That said, for this article, we are going to talk about “wayside areas along Tokyo Monorail line great for dates and casual outings”! We will talk about 2 stations and things to do at these stations after getting off from a train.

Stations along Tokyo Monorail
Stations along Tokyo Monorail

1) Oi Keibajo Mae station “Twinkle Race”

“Oi Keibajo Mae station” is about 7 minutes away on a rapid train from “Haneda Airport International Terminal station” on Tokyo Monorail.

Walk for 2 minutes from the station and you will arrive at “Oi Racecourse” (also known as “Tokyo City Keiba (TCK)”). Here, evening races known as “Twinkle Race” are held, which is a great opportunity for you to enjoy beautifully shining horses racing under the star gazing night sky. Especially in fall evenings, this is a popular spot for a date with spectacular light shows!

(Twinkle Race is held mainly between March and November)

“Twinkle Race” at Oi racetrack
“Twinkle Race” at Oi racetrack

Basic Information on Oi racetrack (TCK)

2-1-2 Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku
Business hours
Depends on race schedules
No scheduled holidays
Entrance fee 100 yen (Separate fees required for reserved seats)
Credit cards accepted
Entrance fee: Credit cards not accepted, Reserved seats: Diners Club / JCB / MasterCard / Visa

2) Tennozu Isle “Boardwalk”

“Tennozu Isle” is located about 10 minutes away on a rapid train from “Haneda Airport International Terminal station” on Tokyo Monorail.

A recommended activity in this area is taking a walk on the “Boardwalk” along the canal right by the station. With its sleek atmosphere, the site is used for many TV dramas and commercial shootings.
There are many benches along the way, so you can sit down and enjoy the view of the canal.
Or, it is also a great area to enjoy a bite of fall since there are many stylish restaurants on the way.
Visiting the area during a daytime is great, but with beautiful night view it offers, this is also a great date spot for grown-ups.

“Boardwalk” at Tennozu Isle
“Boardwalk” at Tennozu Isle

Basic Information on Tennozu Isle “Boardwalk”

2-chome Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (3 locations)
Business Hours
All day
About 3 minutes’ walk from “Tennozu Isle station” on Tokyo Monorail

So that’s all for the hot-spots “great for dates and casual outings along Tokyo Monorail line”.
We will be happy if this article will be useful especially for those who use Haneda Airport for the first time and those who have never taken Tokyo Monorail before.

Reference: We, “GOOD LUCK TRIP ONLINE” researched those living inside and outside of Japan and who have used Haneda Airport. Research period was March through April, 2017. A total of 293 people were asked.