Kan-nana Ramen soup filled with seabura (pork back fat) that it almost looks like snow: “Hirataishu Ajian” in Gotanda, Tokyo

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A bowl of ramen soup filled with so much seabura. Though it’s true that it does not sound like a good idea for your health, there are still many who are attracted to the peculiar taste of this ramen. “Hirataishu Ajian” in Gotanda, Tokyo is a recommended ramen shop for such seabura lovers.

From the west exist at Gotanda station, go straight and cross Yamate-dori and turn left. Then, go on a little further and soon, you will see the shop on your right. It is about 5 minutes’ walk from the station.

On the menus, there are ramen (shoyu: soy sauce based), miso-ramen, tsuke-men and chushin bakumori yushi-men (a unique bowl of noodles with two-portions of noodles and rich sauce).

This time, I ordered their most popular bowl; “tokusei (special) ramen”.
The ordering system here is like this; after you buy a ticket, hand it to a staff and s/he will ask you how you would want your ramen done. So tell her/him how rich you want your soup to be, and how much fat and garlic you want in your soup. If you do not have any preferences, just say “futsu (regular)”.

Well, this is a ramen shop with a specialty in seabura, so I asked for “lots of fat” and for the flavor of the soup and the amount of the garlic, I asked for regular.

After a short wait, here came my special ramen!

Look at the amount of seabura! Doesn’t it almost look like snow? Since there are so much seabura on top, you can barely see any noodles, soup or toppings! Pull out some noodles and, underneath, there is rich tonkotsu shoyu soup! Mix the seabura in the soup well and eat them with the noodles, and surprisingly, the seabura makes the rich-flavored soup milder and creamier. The medium thick noodles are the perfect match with the soup too!

Chashu pork hidden underneath the seabura is extremely soft, and if you are not careful enough, they may fall apart between your chopsticks!

Another hidden treasure in the seabura; a flavored boiled egg! Though it is strongly flavored, a semi-boiled york makes its taste amazingly mild.

So there is only one thing to say. Ramen noodles at “Hira Taishu Ajian” are extremely rich, unique and high in calories but are addictive. It is especially recommended for those who are in the mood for a bowl of rich and punchy ramen!

Hirataishu Ajian

Address :1st floor, Tokan Mansion Gotanda, 4-2-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Open:(Monday-Saturday, holidays)11:00-24:00,(Sunday)11:00-22:00
Closed:Open every day



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