“Large orange and golden carpet” made by Iceland poppy, rapeflower, and Nemophila! Please come and visit the Showa Kinen Park (Tachikawa-shi of Tokyo).

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Showa Kinen Park is located in Tachikawa-shi where is out of central Tokyo, and is a park comprises about 160 hectares of completed area.It takes around 50 minutes from Tokyo Station to Tachikawa Station by JR central line, and it only takes about 10-minute on foot from the station to the park. Due to the convenience, many visitors come here and enjoy their weekend.

It is an excellent timing to visit Showa Kinen Park for its Flower Festival between end of April to early May.

The photo is “Serpertine Area” at the park, where you will see a beautiful Iceland poppy field. The field looks like a huge orange carpet in a natural environment.

There are orange, yellow and white flowers.

Opposite the Iceland poppy field is a large open space called “Open Field” where you will see numerous rapeflowers blooming.

The field looks like a “golden carpet”.

Apart from these, there are some more such as:

Although the area is not as big as others, but the park also has Nemophila field.

Gorgeous and blue flowers are blooming under the sky, looks like a “blue carpet”.

And the place is full of Moss phlox in colour pink, white, red and others.

Additionally, visitors are also able to see tulip, peony flower and other splendid flowers, so here is definitely a recommended attraction for visitors to bring their own packed lunch and enjoy a relaxing day.

Furthermore, the park is not popular in spring only, and rich autumn colours. The ginkgo trees beides the pathway will turn into golden yellow which is also recommend to visit during Autumn season.

Showa Kinen Park is very close the central Tokyo, please come and spend a full day to enjoy.

Showa Kinen Park

Address:3173 Midori cho,Tachikawa city,Tokyo
Access:Get off at Tachikawa Station by JR central line, and 10-minute on foot to the park.

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