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Chidorigafuchi is a well-known famous spot for viewing cherry blossoms, but apart from the main street there is also a 700m-long pedestrian path at Chidorigafuchi where covered with the blossoms of cherry trees. From Yasukuni Dori to the entrance of Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery. This time we would like to introduce you each spot around the area. Please see map at the end of this article for reference.

■ Spot A(entrance of Chidorigafuchi)
The nearest metro station is Tokyo Metro Kudanshita Station Exit 2. Visitors might feel crowded during cherry blossom season, so you may take awhile from station to cherry trees spot by walk.
Let's go to the first spot.

There was no time for setting up the tripod! We will need to follow the flow towards to Tokyo Tower, and get a good place for beautiful photos. Due to there will be a lot of visitors during the season, therefore small bag with comfortable clothes and flat shoes are highly recommended.

There are a lot of visitors and tourists for cherry blossoms after past through Yasukuni Dori towards to Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery.

■ Spot B

The spectacular view of the cherry blossoms is in front of you. From this angle you will able to see the boat pier Spot C, and you might want to highlight it for your trip plan.

■ Spot C(boat pier)

Although it was windy so we didn't have chance to see cherry blossoms with illumination at night reflecting in the water, but it still beautiful. That's also the reason Chidorigafuchi is a must-visit point for visitors who want to see cherry blossoms.

This is another photo near the sunset. If let me choose, I would definitely recommend the view of cherry blossoms at daytime.

The “observatory” is right next to the boat pier, and it's quite low to view the cherry trees.

■ Spot D(terminal pont)

Most of visitors get off at Kudanshita Station as a starting point, so usually feel overcrowded during the season at the pathway and the station. However, you can also use Hanzomon Station of Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line is only 10-minute by foot in order to avoid crowded situation. By using these two stations effectively helps you to viewing cherry blossoms more smoothly.

Chidorigafuchi is very popular cherry blossom attraction at daytime and night, so you might not able to avoid amount of visitors. However, it's worth to see if this is your first time visit Tokyo. Please come and enjoy the magical atmosphere with your own eyes.

1: Kudanshita Station(Exit 2)
2: Nippon Budokan
3: Tayasumon
4: Kitanomaru Park
5: Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery
6: British Embassy
7: Hanzomon Station(Exit 5)
8:Family Mart

I:Yasukuni Dori
II:Uchibori Dori
III:Inner Circular Route

Date:2015, March 31 18:50-20:20


In this article, I have introduced the allure of the nighttime cherry blossoms at Chidorigafuchi.
Besides Chidorigafuchi, there are many spots in Tokyo where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms at night.
Refer to the following article, where selected famous cherry blossom locations and spots where you can enjoy nighttime cherry blossoms in Tokyo are introduced, and enjoy cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo.



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