Overwhelming view at “Kurobe Dam” (Tateyama Hurobe Alpine Route). (Nagano Prefecture · Toyama Prefecture)

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The popularity of “Tateyama Hurobe Alpine Route” from Toyama Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture is getting higher as a famous tourist attraction. To access here by “Hokuriku Shinkansen” which was opended on March 2015 has made more easier. Today we would like to introduce you the best attraction “Kurobe Dam” of “Tateyama Hurobe Alpine Route” and other beautiful points around the area.

It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Nagano Station by Hokuriku Shinkansen, and will lead you the first stop at “Ōgizawa Station” where is the entrace of “Tateyama Hurobe Alpine Route”. Visitors have to change to the “Kanden Tunnel Trolley Bus” in order to reach to the Kurobe Dam.

A trolleybus is an electric bus that draws its electricity from overhead wires, and looks like a bus. Due to the route needs to run through the tunnels, so it's perfect to use the trolleybuses which are zero-emission vehicles with environmental-friendly. Visitors are able to see the boundary between Toyama and Nagano (sign provided), and the bus will also pass through Fault Fracture Zone. (Fault fracture Zone had a very difficult construct process in a tunnel)

About 15 minutes drive in total 6.1 kilometers, the Kanden Tunnel Trolley Bus will reach to the terminal at “Kurobe Dam Station”. Climb up more than 200 stairs to see the finest view at Dam Observation Deck. Visitors are able to enjoy the view and walking up the stairs to see a great view of the water discharge.

Please see the overpowering scenery of Kurobe Dam! Although the weather was perfect the day we visited, but somehow the rain had stoped and getting better.

Although the weather was not as good as expected, but the powerful and overwhelming view had made great impact compare with the peaceful lake water.

The time schedule of Kurobe Cruise ship “Garube” is shown below with fee 1,080 yen (540 yen per child), and time required 30 minutes.

■:Service run: August 13 ~ 15, September 19~22, October 10~11.
△:Service every day during July 18 ~ August 31. Service only available on public holidays during September and Octover.
※Guests might not able to ride on the cruise if special events are held or cruise ship has been reserved.

The Kurobe Dam is Japan's tallest dam at 186 meters and was completed in 1963. The lake behind the dam holds 200 million cubic meters of water and cost of 51.3 billion yen with more than 10 million workers for the project. Many difficulties were encountered in the process, and approximately 171 people lost their lives during the construction. Thanks for them, now we can come here easily with convenient access. Furthermore, the word “Kanden” of “Kanden Tunnel Trolley Bus” is the short term of “Kansai Electric Power Company”. They have supported the project and transporting all construct materlas to the construction site.

Take cable car from Kurobe Dam will gives you one of the most unique scenery in the world with a full panoramic view of the surrounding nature in high 186 meters. Please go and try the special experience.

After get off the cable car, visitors should change to the ropeway to Kurobedaira Station. Before reach to the Kurobedaira Station, visitors will pass through Kurobeko Station and several tunnels with the average gradient 31 degrees, and 373 meters difference in elevation between stations.

After arrived at Kurobedaira Station, visitors are suggested to take Tateyama Ropeway to see scenery from higher level where is Daikanbo Station. The ropeway is like a moving observatory with natural surroundings and beautiful scenery.

Lastly, from“Daikanbo Station” to the final destination of today's schedule, Murodō Station, where commands splendid panoramic view of the mountains. From this point you can ride on “Tateyama Tunnel Trolley Bus”. There are only two places you can ride on trolley buses in Japan, and both places are in Tateyama Hurobe Alpine Route. Pass through the tallest Mt. Tateyama about 10 minutes will lead you another destination. However, we will stay a night at “Hotel Tateyama” at Murodō Station and continue the journey tomorrow.

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