'Fun Train Stations' on the Rise in Japan. In Kyoto, We recommend RANDEN(Keifuku Electric Railroad) Arashiyama Station!    

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For a long time, railroad stations in Japan were mere transport points. And there was also a time when the significance of stations was greatly reduced with the rapid popularization of the automobile. However today, when anyone can easily go on a trip, Japan's major stations have completely changed. They are of course important points for getting where you want to go, and they have plenty of restaurants and shops of various kinds. There is no shortage of stations where you can enjoy yourself all day and many have already become tourist destinations. Rather than being waypoints, they are destinations.

In this article we would like to tell you about one such “fun station” in the popular tourist city of Kyoto. Arashiyama, in northwest Kyoto, is a scenic spot with both nature and historical buildings, and the last station on RANDEN (Keifuku Electric Railroad's Arashiyama Line) that passes through the city is Arashiyama Station Hannari Hokkori Square.

In this place designed by famous Japanese interior designer Yasumichi Morita is a masterpiece consisting of 600 poles standing close together and dyed using the Kyo-Yuzen technique for which Kyoto is well known. Their prominent beauty when illuminated in the evening also is worth seeing.

With a 3,000 stalk bamboo thicket, Arashiyama Station Hannari Hokkori Square exudes Japanese feeling and would undoubtedly put people from any country at ease. The “station foot bath” of Arashiyama Onsen at the end of the platform also is popular. There is a usage charge, but a towel is included so by all means don't hesitate to use a Japanese hot spring.

There is also a variety of stores. From food-related shops selling raw yatsuhashi — the most famous Kyoto treat — and Kyoto pickled vegetables, to shops for original Japanese daily goods and souvenirs, there are rows of shops full of the ambiance of Kyoto. There are also plenty of services convenient for travelers available including baggage delivery and storage, rental bicycles and free Wi-Fi spots.

If you go to Arashiyama, be sure to visit Arashiyama Station Hannari Hokkori Square in addition to the many other tourist destinations!

【Arashiyama Station Hannari Hokkori Square】

Address:20-2, Tsukurimichi-cho, Saga-Tenryuji, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City
Opening hours: 1F 9:00-20:00 / 2F 11:00-20:00 (Last order)