Drawing on eyebrows is important to look more beautiful! Get more attractive with the eyebrow drawing popular among Japanese women!

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The faces of many Japanese women generally look flat. In other words, they have faces that look nice with makeup. Not few people say "In Japan, there are many beautiful women", because they can change their appearance with a good makeup.

And the parts of the face to which Japanese women pay attention, who have a good sense of beauty, are eyebrows. Women certainly become more attractive in many ways when they draw on their eyebrows. This time, we'll tell you about a product supported by the Japanese women who care about eyebrow makeup. It's "Brow Lash EX Water Strong W Eyebrow (Gel Pencil & Powder)", a product for eyebrows that includes gel pencil and powder.

▼Brow Lash EX Water Strong W Eyebrow (Gel Pencil & Powder) Natural brown (Eyebrow pencil)

The "gel pencil" is useful to draw the outline of your eyebrows. The gel adheres to your skin and helps to maintain the outer ends of your eyebrows, which are usually difficult to keep in shape. Since it has the right firmness and thinness, you can draw on your eyebrows lightly and naturally, even where they are sparse. The other, the "powder", is useful to draw the inner ends of your eyebrows, giving them a fluffy shape. You can make fluffy, natural, three-dimensional eyebrows with this thin powder. Also, it rejects perspiration, water and sebum (an oily substance of the skin) and it's said to be able to keep your freshly drawn beautiful eyebrows for 24 hours. It comes in "natural brown" and "light brown". (Each of them costs ¥1,200 without tax).

▼Brow Lash EX Water Strong W Eyebrow (Gel Pencil & Powder) Light brown (Mascara)

Give your eyebrows the touch that fits you and make your appearance more attractive!